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&/#3&'r#3*&'4 FOOD HUB UPDATE The proposed regional food hub project for Prescott-Russell remains at the plan- ning stage until a specific site is secured for the project. Carole Lavigne, economic development and tourism director for the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) stated that site confirmation is the priority now before her department continues with investment planning for the public-private-partnership project. – Gregg Chamberlain SEEDLINGS FOR SALE The South Nation Conservation Authority (SNC) offers “over the counter” sales of bulk allotments of tree seedlings for landowners with small-scale refores- tation plans for their properties that do not qualify for senior government subsidies for treeplanting. Bundles of 50 seedlings are available for prices ranging from 68¢ or higher per seedling depending on the tree species. Lan- downers pick up their seedling orders in spring. Information is also available on subsidies for large-scale treeplanting projects. Go to for the information link. – Gregg Chamberlain SPECIAL NEEDS STUDENTS The Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) has 44 special needs students now back in class for the 2020-2021 term because the current remote learning systems are not able to meet their needs. The UCDSB Special Education Department is working with school teams and families to determine the best way to service students who are unable to use remote learning for their programs. The UCDSB continues to review online learning needs for all students and is getting 1050 new laptops to loan out to students who are taking their lessons at home. – Gregg Chamberlain INTEGRITY COMMISSIONER Alfred-Plantagenet Township renewed its agreement with John Saywell, a Hawkes- bury-based lawyer, to continue as the municipality’s integrity commissioner. The new agreement goes to December 31 2022. – Gregg Chamberlain

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It may take a bit longer than anticipa- ted for the start of construction on a distillery project for Hawkesbury but Pierre Manthas hopes to have the offi- cial groundbreaking in autumn. “I hope to put the shovel in in Septem- ber,” Manthas said during a phone interview February 8 from the Gatineau office of the Artist in Residence distillery (AiR). “All the architect plans are all done.” Last fall Manthas announced plans to building the second AiR distillery, in Hawkes- bury. At the time he expected construction on the first phase of the facility to begin in spring 2021 but he admitted that he had made a mistake in thinking he would have all of the permits and site plan approvals done within a six-month period. Meeting both the municipal requirements and provincial regulation demands for the site plan approval process means at least a year before construction can begin on AiR Hawkesbury distillery. Manthas noted that legal title to the Tupper Street property is secure and he hopes to have the permits situation finished by either June or July this year. Phase One Development of the AiR Hawkesbury dis- tillery will span eight to 10 years and cost between $20 million to $25 million. Phase One involves construction of 30,000-square- foot building to house the main distillery operation. The first two years of the development is focused on Phase One, getting the distillery operating and producing barrels of whisky and bottled gin and vodka for distribution throughout the Ontario market. Future plans

Une inauguration des travaux au printemps était l’objectif du début de la construction de la distillerie Artist in Residence à Hawkesbury. Le plan du site et le processus d’approbation des permis pour l’installation ont repoussé le début prévu de la construction du projet à l’automne de cette année. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

include international sales. “Then after that it will a (new) phase a year,” said Manthas. Employment potential The ultimate goal for the AiR Hawkesbury distillery is a combined commercial distillery that features an in-house restaurant, with a greenhouse attachment to provide fresh produce and herbs for the menu. Restau- rant profits, Manthas stated in an earlier

interview, will go to a special foundation set up to support local charities and community service projects in the Hawkesbury area. Phase one of the project will mean six to 10 jobs at the distillery. As the facility expands the potential total employment could be 60 to 75 jobs. Manthas also sees the facility becoming a commercial tourism attraction for the town.

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The issue prompted discussion during the February 2 council session about whether or not Alfred-Plantagenet Township has any bylaws or regulations that deal with tree- cutting within the municipality. “We don’t have any

large-scale logging within municipal bounds. $PVODJMMPS*BO8BMLFSDIBJSTDPVODJMTBEWJ - sory committee on environmental issues. The committee was reviewing the existing local regulations on tree-cutting and getting legal advice on pos- sible revisions. “We will come

Some residents in Plantagenet are concerned about a recent clearcutting project in the Pitchoff Road area.

specifications to say where you can cut and where you can’t cut,” said Mayor Stéphane Sarrzin during a later phone interview. “It is a real complicated matter.” During the council session, the mayor read out a letter GSPN 1BUSJDL #SJÍSF  a local resident, who expressed concern about a large clearcut on a Pitchoff Road pro-

Une opération de coupe à blanc sur des terres agricoles dans à Plantagenet a suscité des questions sur les réglementations locales en matière de coupe d’arbres. Le comité consultatif du conseil sur l’environnement prévoit de présenter une version révisée du règlement sur la coupe des arbres pour approbation au début de l’été de cette année.

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to council with an updated version of the bylaw,” said Walker, adding that the revised bylaw should be ready by either late spring or early summer for council to review and approve. $ P V O D J M M P S Suzanne Lafrance expressed concern how a treecutting

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Nous invitons les lecteurs à nous faire parvenir leurs lettres qui ne doivent pas dépasser 300 mots. Nous nous réservons le droit de les modifier ou de refuser de les publier. L’expéditeur doit inclure son nom, prénom, adresse et numéro de téléphone. Readers are invited to send us their letters that must not exceed 300 words. We reserve the right tomodify themor to refuse to publish them. The writer must include their names, address and telephone number.

perty. Mayor Sarrazin noted that he has had calls from other residents about the matter. The mayor noted later that the clearcut was part of 250-acre property owned by a commercial farming company. Annie Roch- fort, township clerk, told council that the 6OJUFE$PVOUJFTPG1SFTDPUU3VTTFMM 6$13  planning and forestry department deals with all forestry-related matters within the region. The township has a bylaw that deals with nui- sance tree cutting but not one that concerns

bylaw could affect local farming operations for clearing new fields for planting or for pas- UVSBHF$PVODJMMPS3FOÊ#FBVMOFTVHHFTUFE council should hold a public information meeting to get feedback from local farmers and other residents about a revised tree- cutting bylaw. “We definitely will need more feedback GSPNPVSDPNNVOJUZNFNCFST uTBJE$PVODJM - lor Walker.

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