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For those who wanted to stay inside with the kids, a bilingual magic show was perfor- NFEPWFS;PPNBOE:PV5VCF5XFOUZGBNJMJFT from Champlain registered to interact with .BKJOYEVSJOH UIFTIPXPOB;PPNDBMM  XIJDIXBT UIFOVQMPBEFE UP:PV5VCF GPS everyone to see. Children also entered a colouring in com- petition to decorate a penguin enjoying the snow. Reagan Hall, 11, Catherine Leroux, 8, .BSJL4BVWÊ  BOE"VCSFF#PZE  XFSF named the winners of the contest. .FBOXIJMF  UIPTF XIP NJTT XBSNFS weather may not have to wait much longer. "DDPSEJOH UP0VJNFU'BSNT 7BOLMFFL)JMM Victor the groundhog did not see his shadow last Tuesday, and predicted an early spring. In the meantime, Environment Canada expec- ted more wintry conditions in the second half of the season than the milder conditions experienced in December and January.


The carnival spirit filled the air in Champlain on the weekend, even if social gatherings were not allowed. The township held its COVID-modified win- ter carnival on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. While snow sculptures and the formal ball could not be held, residents were able to experience a break from the winter tedium with a series of virtual and distanced events across the municipality. The 18 km stretch of Ski Vent Clic trails around Vankleek Hill were free from Friday to Sunday. Volunteers were hard at work during the periods of snow across the weekend to ensure the trails remained well groomed for visitors.

Le Canton de Champlain a organisé un carnaval d’hiver modifié pendant le weekend, avec une gamme d’activités virtuelles et à distance. — photo fournie


A suggestion for a public cross-country ski track at Confederation Park got a cool reception at Hawkesbury council but the councillor who suggested the idea is not giving up on it. “I still think it would be a cost-effective way to give citizens something to do,” said $PVODJMMPS"OUPOJPT5TPVSPVOBLJT EVSJOHB phone interview. During the January 19 council session, Tsourounakis suggested the municipality look into the feasibility of creating a cross- country ski track that would circle around Confederation Park. He indicated such a track would cost little to develop and main- Le parc de la Confédération pourrait servir de piste de ski de fond publique pendant l’hiver pour les résidents de Hawkesbury et les visiteurs tain, would provide a free recreation oppor- tunity for residents dealing with limited travel options during the pandemic, and also help encourage more use of the municipal park. .PTUDPVODJMNFNCFSTFYQSFTTFEJOUFSFTU in the idea but also doubt that it would be feasible because of the park’s location along- side the Ottawa River. The main objection was that the park is too exposed during winter and that skiers would suffer from the cold winds blowing off the river. Several councilors also noted that residents have 0ME.JMM1BSLBOEPUIFSOFJHICPVSIPPEQBSLT available for outdoor recreation activities during winter. Councillor Tsourounakis indicated during a later interview that he will continue to pursue the idea of ski track at Confedera- tion Park. He will check into what type of temporary windbreaks might be feasible for the park and also the park’s potential as the site for a winter festival for Hawkesbury. de la ville. Le conseiller Antonios Tsourounakis pense que l’idée vaut la peine d’être poursuivie.


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