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KONSTANTINE MALAKOS WANTS TO BE NDP VOICE AGAIN Konstantine Malakos veut représenter à nouveau le NPD dans la circonscription de Glengarry-Prescott-Russell lors des prochaines élections fédérales. Il est le seul candidat déclaré à ce jour pour l’assemblée d’investiture de l’association de circonscription du NPD qui aura lieu le 26 février via Zoom. —photo d’archives GREGG CHAMBERLAIN Konstantine Malakos wants to be the face and voice of the NDP again for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell when the next federal election takes place.

i*NTUBOEJOHGPSUIFOPNJOBUJPO u.BMB - kos said, during a January 28 phone inter- view. “We don’t expect it to be a contested nomination.” 5IF/%1 GFEFSBM SJEJOHBTTPDJBUJPO GPS (MFOHBSSZ1SFTDPUU3VTTFMMXJMMIPMEJUTWJSUVBM nomination meeting February 26 via Zoom. 4PGBS.BMBLPT XIPXBTUIF/%1DBOEJEBUF in the 2019 election, is the sole declared nominee. While he waits to see if there are any PUIFSDPOUFOEFST GPS UIF/%1DBOEJEBUF OPNJOBUJPO .BMBLPTIBTTFUVQBDBOEJEBUF information website, that includes a sum- mary of what he sees as the key issues for the next federal election and why he wants to represent the party again. “I really feel that we connected with a lot of people in the region,” he said. “There is a hunger for change.” .BMBLPTOPUFEUIBUNBOZPGUIFJTTVFT he campaigned on during the last election remain and “have been exacerbated” by the pandemic. He cited as one example the number of people classed as “essential workers” who work in low-paying jobs that include grocery store employees and staff at fast-food restaurants, who now face added

feeling overwhelmed and understaffed at their workplaces. “We need a national standard of senior DBSF u.BMBLPTTBJE iBIJHITUBOEBSEPG care not driven by profit.” .BMBLPTBMTPSFNBSLFEPOUIFTJUVBUJPO Canada now faces with possible cutbacks in EFMJWFSJFTPG$07*%WBDDJOFCZ1à[FSBOE .PEFSOB5IFDVUCBDLTUISFBUFOUIFOBUJPOBM WBDDJOBUJPOTUSBUFHZBHBJOTU$07*% “Canada once had a Crown corporation that developed vaccines,” he said. “It was created after the Spanish Flu epidemic (early 1900s).” .BMBLPTOPUFE UIBU UIF.VMSPOFZ$PO - TFSWBUJWFHPWFSONFOUQSJWBUJ[FE$BOBEBT national vaccine production facility during the 1980s. Then, he said, the foreign investors who bought the facility shut it down, leaving the country dependent on outside sources for all its vaccine needs. “I don’t blame the Trudeau government GPSUIJT u.BMBLPTTBJEi0UIFS QBTU HPWFSO - ment could have fixed this. But if that Crown corporation had existed today, we’d be on the vanguard of producing our own vaccines.”

that has always been there.” .BMBLPTOPUFEUIFJODSFBTJOHTUSFTTBU seniors and long-term care residences, both among the people living in those places and the staff caring for them. He has spoken to some careworkers who told him about

stress at work in dealing with often rude complaints from customers who are angry at the pandemic health safety protocols. “These are the people who provide the lifeblood of the country,” he said. “I think the pandemic shines a light on a situation


JEN’S RECIPE FOR SUCCESS Jen Ashfield won a free book for taking part in Champlain Library’s recipe swap. The library held the recipe swap to provide extra ideas for people to stay warm and creative during the winter COVID lockdown. Ten recipes were shared during January, including nutty seed bread, hamburger pie, and slow cooker butternut soup. —supplied photo

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