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February 2019

Overcoming Adversity “I’m honored of the way my team fought in the middle of this adversity, and I’m What Our Team Recently Learned

A s both a mom and a lawyer, I’m constantly shuffling between roles to help my clients and support my children. My three kids know when I’m preparing for a trial that I’m going to be busier than usual, and even though they might not see me as much for a few weeks, it will get better. Likewise, my clients know that I will fight for them, despite whatever else I may have going on in my professional and personal life. This fall, a long-time employee who had been an integral part of our team, took a leave of absence while she dealt with some of the hardest cards life can deal. We subsequently took on her tasks, balancing our own with a new mix of duties, and we kept ourselves afloat the best we could. Unfortunately, we ultimately agreed to move on, and we felt the loss of this employee tremendously. However, I’m happy to report that Winston & Damman now has a new operations manager, Chris Schweihofer. With Chris’ guidance, we have been establishing new processing systems and generating a better basis for how to operate while still serving our clients the best we can. I’m honored by the way my team fought in the middle of this adversity, and I’m proud to say that amid the upheaval and strenuous days, we’ve made sure we put our clients first. And that’s how it will always be, especially as we continue with this new process and flesh out the procedures. I’ve always been of the mindset that we’re all human, and we will never be perfect. We may strive

to be perfect, but no one can live their life without a single flaw. Despite my perfectionist streak, I’ve had to recognize life happens. When adversity strikes us, we have to keep trudging through the muck and fighting for our clients. Every day I see clients who are facing extreme hardship, and the adversity that we have faced in recent months at Winston & Damman hasn’t been worse than that by any means. We’ve been lucky enough to regroup from where we are and plan for where we can be. No one should be expected to rake through life’s hardships alone, and I feel very lucky to have the team that I do. Thankfully, this past holiday season we were all able to catch our breath. I took some time off to be with my husband and my children, who were all off from school. We enjoyed a wonderful family vacation of simply doing nothing, and we’re gearing up for an accomplishment- filled 2019. Our eldest daughter, Hannah, proud to say that amongst the upheaval and strenuous days, we’ve made sure we put our clients first.”

will be graduating from high school this June, and as she prepares for her lead role in the school’s production of “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” she’s also getting ready for college auditions for her musical theatre major. I want to take this opportunity to thank every client who has trusted us with their cases and turned to us in the trying times in their lives. At Winston & Damman, we always knew the power that comes from hard work and team dedication, but in the past few months, we’ve seen that concept put into practice. We’re building this process brick by brick, but our mission that has always been in place will never change: helping you put up your best fight against your adversity.

–Nicole Winston

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