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Rockland’s lucky lotto winner

There’s a newmillionaire in Rockland but James Narbonne has no plans for early retirement just yet. Narbonne found out he is nowmore than $2 million richer thanks to a winning ticket in the Ontario 49 lottery draw. His ticket was worth $2,000,500. «It was just unbelievable,” Narbone told officials for the Ontario Lottery and Games Corp. (OLG) when he went to Toronto to claim his prize. «I just couldn’t believe it.˝ Narbonne has been a regular twice-a- week buyer of Ontario 49 tickets for the past 10 years. He was in the Rockland Canadian Tire gas station to get his ticket for a weekend draw when he discovered that his ticket for the previous Wednesday draw had all six of the winning numbers. “I started shaking a bit,” he recalled. Narbonne called the OLG firs, to get ins- tructions on how to claim his prize. Then he called his wife, Maria, to share the good news with her.

“She didn’t believe me,” he said. “It took her a couple of hours to believe it.” After convincing his wife that they were now a millionaire couple, Narbonne began to think about the future for Maria and him- self. He called the win a “game-changer” for them. “My wife and I always talk about what we would do if we won the lottery,” he said. “And look at us now.” But Narbonne expects he will continue working for a while yet, as a furnace and air conditioner salesman, and his wife also plans to continue with her teaching career. “I have no plans to retire early,” he said. “Our work is important to us, but it’s good to know we can sit comfortably now.” What he does plan on doing with his newfound wealth is pay down his house mortgage, plan a few dream vacation trips, including a tour of Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail, andmaybe some fun in the sun in Barbados. He also intends to buy his wife a Jeep.

James Narbonne is a happy man thanks to his lucky lotto ticket worth more than $2 million. —photo OLG

Yeehaw! Le Festival western de Wendover continue

Rien de tel qu'une promenade tranquille en calèche. —photo GregG Chamberlain

Kerri Bayford (à gauche) et Brooke Bayford du Zoo Papanack ont attiré énormément l'attention lors de la parade de samedi avec leur charmant bébé lémurien et Khumba, le jeune cougar. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

Carol Penny (à gauche), Dorima St-Onge et Liliane St-Onge se détendent avant de prendre leur place sur le char allégorique du Club Aigle d'Or de Wendover. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

De jeunes joueurs de baseball jouent les vedettes du moment dans le défilé. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

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