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New charging stations coming for electric cars more public charging stations available, electric vehicle owners can plan longer trips with more confidence.”

Owners of electric cars and trucks will soon have some new sites to charge up while driving around Prescott-Russell. The provincial government will install seven charging stations for electric vehicles, in Prescott-Russell, as part of its partnership arrangement with both the private sector andmunicipalities, under the guidelines of the Ontario Green Investment Fund. This is part of a $20 million investment from the fund this year to set up 500 char- ging stations at 250 convenient locations throughout the province to support the growing number of electric vehicles on the roads. “This is great news for Prescott-Russell drivers,” stated MPP Grant Crack. “With

In Prescott-Russell there will be two new level three charging stations set up at the Tim Horton’s outlet at the Laurier and Laporte Streets intersection, two level three inHawkesbury at the St-Hubert Restaurant and at one of the TimHorton’s outlets there, two level two stations in Embrun, in Russell Township, at the municipal arena site on Blais Street, and a level three charging station at the Metro supermarket in Casselman. Clarence-Rockland already has one char- ging station available for use at the St-Hubert restaurant parking lot courtesy of the local franchise’s owner-operator..

Counties call for energy moratorium The United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) approved support for a resolution from Champlain Town- ship. The resolution calls for a moratorium by the provincial government on any further development applications under the Green Energy Act for solar power and wind turbine farms until there has been an extensive review of the legislation itself. The township’s resolution argues that electricity rates in Ontario have increased 50 per cent since 2012, with the greatest impact on seniors and others living on fixed incomes, while the province has had to sell surplus power to other provinces or the United States at a loss. The resolution criticizes the provincial government promotion of solar and wind power project developments even when the operators are paid higher rates for the electricity produced than its actual value from other sources like hydro. – Gregg Chamberlain

Fruits et légumes Fruits &vegetables SPÉCIAUX DE LA SEMAINE WEEKLY SPECIALS




Ail Local Local Garlic 2.49 $ RED RUSSIAN

Fèves Jaunes Yellow Beans 3.99 $ LBS



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Situé au coin de la 17 et de la vieille 17 Corner of Hwy 17 and Old hwy 17


All Homes are not created equal Woodfield has expanded it’s selection to include six exciting



Headlight Reconditioning Reconditionnement des phares STARTING AT | À PARTIR DE 39 95$ +TX

new designs, including a bungalow with a loft. These homes, like all Woodfield Homes come with the latest luxury finishes and six new appliances included in the price. Woodfield puts more into a home... so you can get more out of a home. Come see why we continue to say... Seeing is Believing.

THE NORWOOD LOFT 1,764 SQ. FT. $375,400


■ Remote starter | Démarreur à distance ■ Heated seats | Sièges chauffants

THE NORWOOD LOFT 1,764 SQ. FT. $375,400

■ Weathertech floor mats | Tapis pour autos Weathertech ■ Winter Paint Protection | Protection peinture pour l’hiver ■ Rustproofing | Antirouille ■ One stop performance shop | Votre atelier par excellence pour vos articles de performance

Ask us about reserving a home in Sunset Cove, Rockland’s last chance to live near the water.


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