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Like every new year, heading into 2019 means finding ways to raise the bar. As a company, we set our goal for growth at a minimum of 10 percent every year so we are always making progress, similar to an offensive drive. Sometimes you run, sometimes you pass, and sometimes you scramble. We may not get a touchdown every time, but as long as we’re moving the chain, we can make a field goal and sustain our momentum. Coming off of our last drive, I’m incredibly excited to see the strides Pye-Barker makes this year. Our team grew substantially in 2018, adding new positions, from sales to senior management. As any business owner can relate, this experience of growth was filled with both challenges and opportunities. There were, of course, growing pains. Changing from a close-knit company of about 20 people to something larger will always be hard, as everything from SOP to company culture has to evolve. But having weathered this transition, we’ve brought in new blood and new ideas that will have us running faster and smarter than ever before. Now, the question for 2019 is how to make the most of our expanding team. The answer is already in motion, but it’s about to get kicked into a high gear. We will be ratcheting up our standards of excellence company-wide. As the saying goes, everyone’s in sales — we want to exceed expectations, from phone calls to installation. We’ve got a great baseline to start on, and with the initiatives we’re putting in place, I have no doubt our team will raise the bar for industrial distruibution in Georgia. In the midst of all the planning and preparation for the new year, someone asked me a question that gave me pause: “Where do you want to be this time next year?” At first I’ll admit I was tempted to be glib and answer “the beach.” Then I really began to think about it. PLANS FOR THE NEW YEAR HOW WE’RE RAISING THE BAR

The last months of the year were hectic, sure. But it was a good kind of hectic, filled with the excited energy that comes with the sense that plans are falling into place. In those strategy meetings and team trainings, you could feel that we were on the cusp of a new chapter for Pye-Barker — a new season, to return to the football metaphor. So when it comes to where I want to be at the start of 2020, my honest answer is right here. I don’t mean we stay exactly where we’re at right now — the opposite, in fact. I want to once again find our company in a state of growth, alive with the excitement that comes with moving forward into bigger and better possibilities. The one thing I can say with confidence is that we will never outgrow our commitment to our customers. To all of you who have relied on our team over the years, thank you. We could not have gotten where we are today without your trust in us and the products we carry. As we move into the new year, we look forward to exceeding your expectations at every turn.

Here’s to 2019,

-Eric Lunsford


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