Limoges, a growing village !

Although the village has undergone several changes during the last de- cade, a second wave of development seems imminent for Limoges. With a population that is now between 4200 and 4400, according to the last census, the community of Limoges is active, growing and is not done being talked about! “The development of Limoges began in 2003-2004 with the first two subdivisions, South Indian and Pomerleau,” said Guylain Laflèche, urban planner for The Nation municipality. “Until 2014, development had been progressing smoothly, and in 2015, a second phase was set into motion to continue this development.” With a population that has tripled in the past 10 years (it has grown from 1,200 to 3,300 inhabitants in The Nation area alone), a second phase of development is surely about to rise, especially since the announcement of a new water reservoir in Limoges, as well as an increase in the capacity of wastewater and drinking water. “We hit a big boom seven to ten years ago, and then it slowed down because our water and our sew ers were at full capacity,” said Francis Brière, The Nation councillor and resident of Limoges. “We are expecting, as of September, to have 2000 units of water and 2000 sewer units. With that, we should be fine for the next 15-20 years of development.” “Concerning housing projects, concrete negotiations are underway with various de-

velopers, and the number of houses should increase by almost 400, especially in the Savage Street area and Limoges Street, near the future Limoges Health Hub,” noted François St-Amour, mayor of The Nation. “We want to encourage development to make it easier for our taxpayers.” As for services, two major projects are now underway – the Health Hub of Limoges and the sports dome, including a community complex. The arrival of these services should attract both commercial and industrial in- terest. “A grocery store would be the next domino to encourage further development,” said Brière. He pointed out that a group is working on it at the moment and is very confident that a project of this kind could be launched in the near future. “Within a year, we should have a timetable for the grocery store,” Mayor St-Amour agreed. The Nation makes up 80 per cent of the territory and has a population of 3,300, while the Russell population is about 800 people. Although there are no negotiations or concrete projects in the works west of Limoges Street, some discussions will be necessary in order to establish a sharing of services. “Once the water is brought in, growth will be possible,” said Pierre Leroux, thermayor of the municipality of Russell. “We are ready, and we have developers on our side waiting.”

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Future Health Hub

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