2024 Turbo Air Catalog

We generate power by reducing consumption * Turbo Air has 140+ Energy Star ® certificated models *Accurate at the time of print. We built our products to rely on their naturally emitted energy, thus reducing electrical energy consumption. Turbo Air strives for sustainability without sacrificing performance and durability.

Self-Cleaning Condenser (Patented) Dust accrue rapidly in areas where refrigeration is installed and used. Dust is drawn through the fan and accumulated, preventing the condenser from properly releasing heat. This causes the compressor to increase its pressure on refrigerants, increasing the possibility of the compressor breaking down. The ‘Self-Cleaning Condenser’ cleans the condenser with a rotating brush that moves up and down 2-3 times a day, preventing any dust build-up and maintaining the highest efficiency while saving additional energy.

2 & 3 Glass Door Freezers powered by 115V Turbo Air's 2 & 3 Glass Door Freezers are powered by 115V. Not only is the 115V simple and easy to plug in and operate, it also saves customers over $1,000 in electrical line installation for 220V powered glass door freezers. This feature is proof of our dedication to energy efficiency and the environment.

Efficient Refrigeration System Refrigerators achieve their cooling effect by discharging heat through the condenser. In order to achieve high efficiency, it is important to increase the effectiveness of the condensers, especially in hot & humid places, such as the kitchen. Turbo Air uses condensers that are 10%~20% larger than the industry standard.

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