2024 Turbo Air Catalog



1/ Turbo Cooling&Freeze 2/ Condensate Water Cooling System

Preventing Heat Transfer Triple pane vacuum glass and plastic frame material are used to prevent heat transfer and to increase energy efficiency. Specially gilded aluminum exterior materials have both beauty and durable practicality. decreases and cools drinks, food, and other products much more quickly. An ideal time to use the Turbo Cooling and Freeze function is when the unit is stocked with new products. compressor to run continuously for up to two hours. When this function is activated, the temperature inside the cabinet quickly Turbo Cooling & Freeze Feature for Faster Chilling The Turbo Cooling and Freeze function, located on the control panel, allows the

No Electrical Cabinet Heater Needed

Condensate Water Cooling System Unique to Turbo Air Reach-In products, our anti-corrosion pipes are coated on the surface with a special treatment, allowing the excess condensate waters to cool down the pipe’s hottest area during the refrigerant compression process. This not only saves energy, but also eliminates the need for additional drains, which prevents slippery floors from becoming a safety issue.

Electrical heaters in glass door freezers operate 24/7 in order to prevent water flow to the cabinet surface. This causes unnecessary energy consumption, and sometimes is the reason behind overheating. Instead of frame heaters, Turbo Air glass door freezers harness the heat produced by the compressor during the condensing stage, eliminating any unnecessary energy consumption as well as providing the most efficient freezer performance available.

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