2024 Turbo Air Catalog

Turbo Air is a technology-driven company

We are constantly striving to make products that are durable and functional while also beautiful with excellent convenience. Our innovations keep continuing and the light never goes off in our R&D department.

Early Warning System (Only at Turbo Air)

Door Pressure Release Device (Patented, only at Turbo Air) When you try to reopen the refrigerator/freezer door immediately, the internal pressure difference prevents it from opening for at least 1~2 minutes. Waiting for 1~2 minutes during a restaurant’s busy time is certainly not a short duration from the user’s perspective. Turbo Air’s patented pressure release device allows easy and quick reopening.

Self-Cleaning Condenser (Patented) Dust accrue rapidly in areas where refrigeration is installed and used. Dust is drawn through the fan and accumulated, preventing the condenser from properly releasing heat. This causes the compressor to increase its pressure on refrigerants, increasing the possibility of the compressor breaking down. The ‘Self-Cleaning Condenser’ cleans the condenser with a rotating brush that moves up and down 2-3 times a day, preventing any dust build-up and maintaining the highest efficiency while saving additional energy.

Malfunctions are generally recognized when an increase in temperature is detected, 2 to 3 hours after the refrigerator has stopped running. This causes the user to become aware of malfunction issues the next morning when the contents have already spoiled. To eliminate this risk, Turbo Air units have a warning system in place that diagnose and monitor itself for risk factors, which gives early warning signals to preserve contents and prevent future problems.

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