2024 Turbo Air Catalog



1/ Self-Cleaning Condenser 2/ Digital Temperature Control System

On-Line Connected, Real Time Monitoring System When the unit is connected to the internet, it will retain all of its temperature history. Wherever you are, you will be able to check the unit’s status via mobile devices or the computer. You will also be able to control temperatures as well as turn the unit on and off remotely. If the unit becomes defective, it will automatically contact the designated person.

Self-Diagnosis System When a refrigerator breaks, it will immediately run a self-diagnosis to figure out what the problem is, saving both service time and unnecessary expenses that could have occurred by misdiagnosis. It also allows for broken parts to be replaced easily. Digital Temperature Control System Digital technology provides precise and consistent temperatures throughout the cabinet. This allows food products to remain fresh over an extended period of time.

60mm Thick High Density Wall To prevent heat transfer from where it’s produced the most (compressor room), Turbo Air designed a specially reinforced 60mm thick, high-density wall to provide greater insulation and to increase overall efficiency.

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