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Mookata originates fromThailand, where it’s also known as Mu Kratha. ‘Mu’ means pork and ‘Kratha’ refers to a skillet or pan, so the popular dish essentially involves grilling pork (and other ingredients) on a dome-shaped pan. The grill is encircled by a moat of broth, so the experience is not unfamiliar to Singaporeans — almost like a cross between Korean barbeque and Chinese steamboat. WHAT IS MOOKATA?

The Builder’s Bar is open to members of the public.

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Kick back and relax The Builder’s Bar is quickly becoming the preferred watering hole in the neighbourhood. While it only opened its doors in August last year, it is already attracting healthy patronage with its cool, laidback vibe, alfresco seating and extensive list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It’s the perfect spot to relax over a round of drinks and some delicious finger food.


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