Issue 121

At The Grassroots’ Club, we look after our members’ interests.As a lifestyle destination, we strive to bring the products and services that you need into the Club’s

premises by thoughtfully selecting our tenants.With the latest safe management measures in place, we look forward to seeing you at the Club soon!


Mr Simon Leong, PBM, President of The Grassroots’ Club


Brighton Montessori

Brighton Montessori is a home away from home, where children are nur tured to reach their maximum potential in a creative, stimulating and suppor tive learning environment. Led by a team of Montessori-cer tified teachers who practise the famed Montessori method, Brighton Montessori is committed to providing quality childhood education.

Fish@AMK Prawning is a soothing pastime that is easy to learn. It is also a wonderful late night activity, especially at Fish@AMK, where you can fish every day from 9am to 6am! In addition to fishing and prawning, there are ponds for fish spa and fish feeding to entertain the whole family.

Pat’s Schoolhouse At Pat’s Schoolhouse, the teaching approach for each growth stage is designed to work holistically with the child’s own abilities at that point of their development. But always, the emphasis is on an immersive experience that uses play to teach and to realise each child’s fullest potential.

Poker Federation of Singapore The Poker Federation of Singapore (PFS) is a non-profit organisation approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs and founded in March 2009 under the Societies’ Act. Not only has PFS organised and hosted international events such as the prestigious Asian Nations Cup, it is also committed to giving back to society. It suppor ts the needy and underprivileged by channelling gaming revenue to community projects.

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