Civil Ceremonies in Worcestershire

Essentials Photography and videography

Wedding photographs and videos are special mementoes, and we encourage you to capture the unforgettable moments of your special day. They are the lasting memories that you can keep forever and share with your friends and family. Before your ceremony begins the Registrar will advise you regarding the taking of photographs and the use of video cameras to ensure that the dignity of the occasion is maintained whilst ensuring that you take home wonderful memories of your great occasion. When you have given your Notice of Marriage or Civil Partnership you will receive a ceremony pack which includes a guidance note which we encourage couples to forward to the person you have chosen to take your photographs/video. This will make them aware of the boundaries within which we have to work. If you do have any special requests please make a note of these on your checklist. Music If you have chosen music as part of your ceremony please note that, by law, music with a religious context cannot be used in a civil ceremony. If you need inspiration, we have a selection that you can choose from, both classical and modern genres. Please check with your chosen venue as to the music facilities they have in order to ensure that what you provide is compatible. For ceremonies taking place in Registration Offices our staff will advise the format we will require. If you would like live music, a choir, singers or your guests to join you in song, this is possible but only in Approved Venues and not the Registration Offices. We would need to know what music / lyrics are intended and how and who will be performing. For Bespoke Worcestershire ceremonies, religious content is permissible, as a Celebration ceremony does not form part of the legal process. Confetti Traditionally confetti is said to bestow prosperity on the newly joined couple. It is a lovely way to celebrate. Please feel free to use it outside at any of our Registration Offices, but do help us look after the environment by using biodegradable confetti or petals. Approved Venues will have their own arrangements and should be contacted directly for details. Confetti is available to purchase in all our Registration Offices. Lighting and candles We are often asked for subdued lighting or candlelight at ceremonies. Unfortunately, we are unable to have naked flames within our Registration Offices. Approved Venues will have their own arrangements and should be contacted directly for details. Please be aware that the Registrars

attending will need to have a clear, well-lit area whilst conducting and completing the legal documentation. Please note that naked flames will not be allowed on the table that is used by the Registrar. If you require further information, please contact us. Floral arrangements All our Registration Office ceremony rooms have silk floral arrangements in neutral colours. You are welcome to provide your own flowers or floral arrangements, especially if you want them to fit into a particular colour scheme. Floral arrangements in Approved Venues will need to be discussed with the Venue. Decorations There may be the opportunity to personalise the room with your own flowers or decorations. Ask us for further advice. For decorations in Approved Venues couples will need to liaise with the Venue. Please be aware that any decorations must be of non- religious or cultural nature. Themed celebrations If you have chosen a theme for your ceremony etc, please talk to us and we will do our utmost to fit in with your wishes. Our Registrars have been known to enter into the spirit of a themed celebration. We have been asked to wear specific colours, a dinosaur hat, a cloak in keeping with a medieval theme and even Star Wars items! We will always do our best to please, including a DC Comics theme where we had the lovely compliment - “We were so happy that the Registrar was prepared to be our Superhero”. However, please discuss your requirements well in advance.


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