Civil Ceremonies in Worcestershire

A Notice is a signed legal statement that is displayed on the Register Office notice board for 28 clear calendar days (this can be extended to 70 days for foreign nationals). It includes the names, age, marital status, address, occupation, and nationality of the people intending to marry or form a civil partnership. It also states the intended venue for the ceremony. The minimum period between giving Notice and when a ceremony can take place is usually 28 clear days. This is a statutory requirement but in exceptional cases, ie. Illness, a waiver can be applied for to reduce this waiting period. Please contact us for further information The Schedule for Marriage or Civil Partnership will be issued on the 29 th calendar day after giving notice and is valid for 12 months from the date of your formal Notice. Please be aware that you cannot give your Notice more than 12 months in advance of the ceremony date . However, it is a good idea to give your Notices within 6 to 9 months prior to the date of your ceremony. Should you be ill or unable to travel, housebound or staying in hospital, special arrangements can sometimes be made for a ceremony at such places. Please contact the Registration Service for more information. What documents do I need to provide? You will need to provide evidence of your name, age, nationality, marital status, address, and immigration status. If the correct documents, as listed below, are not available at your appointment we will be unable to take your Notice - you will need to make another appointment. Only original documents are accepted, we cannot accept photocopies. However, where proof of address is required a printed copy of an electronic bill or bank statement is acceptable. If your decree absolute/final order/civil partnership dissolution has been sent to you electronically, we will accept a print out with the covering email. We can only accept printed copies of your electronic documents. Copies on mobile phones cannot be accepted. Each person giving Notice must provide one document from each of the sections below. Some documents such as valid passports can be provided as evidence in multiple sections. Name and date of birth • valid passport • British Birth certificate - your full birth certificate must be provided, and you must also provide another document confirming your current use of that name. e.g. valid driving licence (provisional or full) bank statement (no older than one month), utility bills (no older than three months), council tax bill (only this financial year)

And now for the legal bit… Legal requirements Legal civil marriage

The law currently requires two Registrars to be present at your Marriage. One will conduct the ceremony whilst at the same time the other completes the legal paperwork which will formally register the Marriage. Legal civil partnership Civil Partnerships are slightly different in that there is no formal ceremony as part of your formation. The law just requires you to sign a schedule (legal contract). This gives you the perfect opportunity to add a celebration of your union and if you wish, this can be done however and wherever you choose. What is the notice of marriage/civil partnership? By law you must give a Notice of Marriage or Civil Partnership, which is a formal declaration of your intention marry or form a civil partnership in England or Wales. Notice must be given in the district where you reside. You are required to have lived in the district for 7 days and 7 nights and on the eighth day you will be able to give your Notice. You need to include the exact name of the venue where you intend to get married or enter into your civil partnership. The Marriage / Civil Partnership can only take place at the venue you name on the notices. If you change the venue you will have to give, and pay for fresh notices. You can provisionally book your ceremony up to three years in advance if it is taking place in Worcestershire.


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