Civil Ceremonies in Worcestershire

• if you have changed your name from birth - you will need to provide the evidence of the name change; for example, a change of name deed or marriage certificate Nationality • valid passport (if you are a foreign national only your passport can be accepted as proof of nationality) • British Naturalisation certificate • British Birth certificate - if you were born before 1 January 1983 your full birth certificate must be provided - if you were born on or after 1 January 1983, your full birth certificate must be provided, and you must also provide a birth certificate or passport for one of your parents, who were born in the UK; if your parents were married at the time of your birth, or your birth has been re-registered after their marriage, then either of your parent’s birth certificates or passports can be provided; otherwise, only your mother’s birth certificate or passport can be used or evidence of your parent’s British Citizenship (must have been issued before your birth) If you are subject to immigration control please read the information below as you will need further documentary evidence. Visa requirements If you are entering the UK for the purpose of a Marriage or Civil Partnership you must check with the UKVI (United Kingdom Visa and Immigration) that you have the correct visa to do so. Worcestershire Registration Service are unable to offer any advice regarding immigration matters. Abuse of immigration laws We are working with the Home Office to identify any Marriages and Civil Partnerships which seek to abuse UK immigration laws. Anybody found to be arranging, facilitating, or entering into a Marriage or Civil Partnership solely to gain permission to stay in the UK risks arrest or prosecution. Foreign nationals may also face deportation and be barred from re-entering the UK for up to 14 years. Proof of immigration status Please note: If either party is a national of an EU country and does not have settled or pre-settled status (or a pending application) applied for prior 30 th June 2021 or is a national of a non-EU country, you may be subject to immigration control. This means you must give your Notices together at the Register Office covering the district in which you have both lived for the preceding 7 days and 7 nights. If you both live in different registration districts you must give your Notices together at either Register Office.

giving Notice, you must provide evidence of your immigration status: • proof of settled, pre-settled or pending EUSS status, including the 9-digit alphanumeric share code from the GOV.UK website: status • valid Biometric residence permit If you do not have the correct proof, your Marriage or Civil Partnership will be referred to the UKVI who may decide to extend your notice period for 70 days if they wish to investigate further. The Marriage or Civil Partnership cannot take place until approval is granted by the UKVI. More information on this can be found at marriages and civil partnerships in England and Wales civil-partnerships. Photographs Both parties will also need to provide a colour photograph at the time of giving Notice, unless you are a British, Irish national or you can provide proof of settled status. Each photograph must be a UK passport style and size and meet the following criteria: • it should clearly show your face with a neutral expression • you must not be wearing any head covering (other than for religious or medical reasons) • you must be photographed alone with no other person or object in shot • it should be unmarked, unaltered and without tears or creases • it must be a recent photo and show a current likeness • valid UK visa/entry clearance in passport • valid Home Office endorsement in passport • valid UK residence permit in passport

Registrars cannot give immigration advice.

In addition to the documents you need to provide when


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