Seven tips to help you choose a roofer

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H aving a roof installed or repaired in- volves a considerable investment, so it’s crucial that you choose your roo- fing specialist carefully. Here are some gui- delines to help you find a quality roofer that will get the job done properly, on time, and on budget. 1. Ask around. Your friends, family and coworkers may know of an excellent contractor for your project — or one that you should avoid at all costs. 2. Ask at least three different candidates for a detailed estimate of the required work. This will allow you to not only compare pricing, but also assess things like schedu- ling, material choices and warranties. 3. Verify that your preferred contractor has all of the permits and certifications requi- red by law, and favour members of a reco- gnized trade association. 4. Ask the contractor for references to valida- te the quality and timeliness of their work with past clients. It’s always a good idea to consult your local Better Business Bureau as well to find out if any complaints have been filed against the company. 5. When possible, choose a roofer that’s been in business for some time. Not only will they be more experienced, but chances are that if their work wasn’t up to par they wouldn’t be operating any longer. 6. Make sure that the contractor you hire is properly insured and liable for any dama- ges to your property caused during the project. 7. Never pay the whole bill upfront. If a roo- fer isn’t willing to wait until the work has been inspected before receiving final pay- ment, you should probably bring your bu- siness elsewhere. One last tip: protect your investment with a contractual agreement. Before any work starts, you and your contractor should sign a contract outlining the work to be done, the project’s schedule, the payment scheme and any other important information.

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