FFAC "The Cleopatra Project" Art Catalogue August 7 2022

White flannel moth caterpillar Norape ovina

Precise yellow dots light a dark field with bristling harm–heed this warning

Take the yellow-orange-black warning coloration and visible spines of the white flannel moth caterpillar seriously. As with other flannel moth caterpillars, contact with the spines of live or dead caterpillars, discarded skins, or cocoons, cause an intense burning sensation followed by redness and swelling at the site of contact. These caterpillars feed in small groups in early stages and grow to about 1 inch. In areas with host plants -- such as elm, locust, hackberry, and redbud trees – protect your skin by wearing a long sleeve shirt and long pants. Seek medical attention if eyes are affected or for serious allergic reactions.

David Hawkins Norape Ovina Block Print on Paper Mounted on Board 12 x 12 $250


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