FFAC "The Cleopatra Project" Art Catalogue August 7 2022

White-marked tussock moth caterpillar Orgyia leucostigma

Does the forest know our yearning to savor each leaf on the journey?

This flamboyant caterpillar, nearly 1½ inches long and most often seen in forested areas, is found throughout Virginia. Its red head and yellow-and-black striped body warn off predators; its body features a protective array of spiky and barbed tufts of hairs, as well as clustered, long dark hairs near the head and extending upward from the rear end. Mature moths typically lay their eggs on woody plant bark and the caterpillars emerge and disperse in spring, feasting on the leaves of a broad array of trees. Remember not to touch these caterpillars – the hairs irritate human skin, resulting in a stinging sensation, redness, irritation, and welts.

Claudia Wisdom-Good The White-Marked Tussock Moth Mixed media and oil on board 12 x 12 $375


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