FFAC "The Cleopatra Project" Art Catalogue August 7 2022

Bay nettle Chrysaora chesapeakei

Bay nettle, waving long ruffled scarf and sheer fringe– meddlesome and gel

Bay nettles inhabit Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay area. Like us, they are most commonly seen afloat from March through October, when the bay waters are warmest. With a bell-shaped body and two dozen tentacles dangling down several feet, bay nettles range in colors from milky white, reddish brown to lurid purplish stripes. Jellyfish capture and eat their prey using their tentacles to sting and release venom. For humans, a brush with a tentacle can bring a painful sting. Keep a sharp watch and give bay nettles plenty of room.

Richard Wyvill Chesapeake Bay Nettle Oil 12 x 12 $150


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