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BURN BAN CHAMPLAIN TOWNSHIP No open fires are allowed in Champlain Township until further notice. The burn ban is part of the municipality’s pan- demic plan to keep emergency service personnel available for essential duty.– Gregg Chamberlain RESCUE EQUIPMENT FUNDS The Vankleek Hill Fire Department’s annual dance continues to be a good equipment fundraiser. Proceeds from last year’s dance totalled $3875, which will help with the purchase of two auto crib sets for the rescue vehicle unit to aid removal of accident victims from damaged vehicles.– Gregg Chamberlain LOI SUR LES LAISSES Le canton d’Alfred-Plantagenet a un nouvel amendement à sa règlementa- tion sur le contrôle des animaux, la Loi sur les laisses. Le conseil municipal a approuvé les modifications au règlement 2007-84 sur le contrôle des animaux, lors de sa séance du 3 mars. Les modifications comprennent une définition d’un chien en liberté et des situations où le propriétaire d’un chien doit s’assurer que l’animal est en laisse. Le règlement modifié comprend également un règlement sur le ramas- sage des excréments de chiens sur les trottoirs, dans les parcs publics et dans d’autres endroits, y compris dans la cour de la maison où vit le chien. —


When the pandemic is over and the Robert Hartley Sports Complex reo- pens to the public, the water slide that replaced the diving board at the indoor pool may be absent after failing its ins- pection review. Hawkesbury council may be looking at either an unexpected addition to this year’s recreation budget or something to consider for next year’s budget. The waterslide that replaced the diving board at the indoor municipal pool in the Robert Hartley Sports Complex does not pass inspection and needs replacing. The waterslide was inspected in February this year and a report from the recreation department to council states that the waters- lide “should not be in use and is not lawful to operate as a water slide in Ontario.” The recreation department report’s recommendation is to remove the water slide and make plans for a replacement that meets provincial inspection standards. The estimated cost to dismantle the structure is $2500. The potential cost for a new one is estimated at $100,000. Waterslide history The recreation department report sum- marized the history behind the imperfect waterslide. In 2014 there was approval to replace the three-metre diving board at the indoor pool with a water slide. After researching the situation, the recreation department ordered a “made to measure” structure in 2015 from Aquam Aquatics Specialists Inc. 8IFOUIFEJTBTTFNCMFEXBUFSTMJEFBSSJ - ved in September 2015, the maintenance department was told to put it together. The report stated that the two staff members told to assemble the waterslide refused “stating that they did not feel they had the experience to install specialized equipment.” Two general labourers were then assigned to assemble the structure,

The water slide at the Robert Hartley Sports Centre’s indoor pool does not meet provincial standards after several years of use. A February 2020 inspection of the structure resulted in a failing grade and now it must be dismantled and replaced with a new water slide that meets provincial specifications. —supplied photo


The provincial government has declared restrictions on open fires in most parts of Ontario to ensure that emergency personnel are available to deal with criti- cal need situations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The restriction did not apply to Prescott-Russell but residents should check municipal websites for local open fire restrictions.– Gregg Chamberlain

“not necessary.” Then in December 2019 maintenance department and some of the aquatic centre staff received the Certified Pool Operator DFSUJàDBUJPO 3FDSFBUJPO %JSFDUPS /JDPMF Trudeau was told then that provincial regu- lations demanded a maintenance inspection of the water slide by a certified waterslide mechanic. The waterslide failed its inspection in February 2020. The inspection report sug- gested it should be moved to a municipal park instead. The recreation department will check first whether or not the waters- lide would meet the standards for park equipment.

following the detailed directions provided by Aquam Aquatics. “Prior to allowing the public to use the water slide,” stated the report, “tests were undergone by the staff. There were some installation issues that were reported due to safety concerns, such as excessive swaying of the slide and users getting stuck in the tube, as there was no water supply.” The problems noted were fixed with the addition of more supports for the waters- lide and also some fixtures that were not part of the original package of parts from Aquam Aquatics. At the time the need for an inspection of the structure was deemed

Vue les circonstances actuelles, nous tenons à aviser nos clients que nous sommes toujours en opération, prêts à vous servir. Par contre, nos méthodes ont dues être modifiées : Saison d’impôt personnel : date limite a été reportée au 1 er juin 2020 Vous pouvez : 1. Faire parvenir vos documents par voie électronique (courriel) à votre comptable 2. Déposer vos documents à l’entrée de nos locaux 3. Nous expédier vos documents par la poste ou autre messagerie Nos gens ainsi que notre technologie font que nous sommes capables de continuer à vous offrir un excellent service. Notre service téléphonique demeure toujours ouvert : 613-632-4178 Given the current circumstances, we would like to advise our customers that we are still in operation, ready to serve you. However, our methods had to be modified: Personal tax season: deadline has been extended to June 1 st , 2020 You can : 1. Send your documents electronically (email) to your accountant 2. Deposit your documents at the entrance of our building 3. Send your documents by post or other courier services to us Our people and our technology make us able to continue to provide you with excellent service. Our telephone service remains open: 613-632-4178




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