Police recover body of missing Hawkesbury man


Franche, who was unidentified at the time, stole an aluminumboat after he left the ferry landing on Clarence Island near Rockland. Witnesses say the boat began drifting and Franche was seen standing up and paddling the boat along the shoreline. The boat was later recovered on Parker Island and police found a bicycle and a bag in it, which they believe belonged to the deceased. The OPP Canine Unit and Emergency Response Team searched the island and surrounding area but did not locate Franche, who was then declared missing. The OPP Aviation Service sent out a plane for an aerial search of the area on the fol- lowing Friday.

Police began scouring the Ottawa River lastThursday for aman reportedmissing. They recovered the body over the weekend thanks to a tip from a homeowner in the Treadwell area. The body of Benoit Franche, 34, of Haw- kesbury was found early Saturday evening along the Ottawa River near Treadwell. A resident living along the waterfront disco- vered the deceased and contacted the OPP. The provincia coroner’s office has sche- duled a post-mortem examination at the Ottawa Hospital later this week. According to an OPP incident brief, on Thursday afternoon, June 1, at 4:20 p.m.,

À l’aide d’un avion survolant la rivière des Outaouais et aumoyen de bateaux, la police tentait de retrouver un homme qui avait volé un bateau le 1er juin. L’homme avait été vu pour le dernière fois en aval de l’île de Clarence, sur la rivière des Outaouais. Le corps de Benoît Franche, 34 ans, de Hawkesbury, a été retrouvé samedi, près de Treadwell. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

OPP issues drug safety kits to frontline officers


a special “Fentanyl protection” kit to all of its frontline officers and members of special operations groups like the Drug Enforcement Unit. The kits are part of the OPP’s response to the increasing presence of Fentanyl on the

Ontario’s provincial police officers will have a new addition to their standard-is- sue equipment list. The OPP will provide

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provincial drug scene. The kits are for use when OPP officers, both in the general force and the special units, are involved in drug search-and-seizure situations or in ordinary day-to-day encounters during general duty. «We take the health and safety of our members and our communities very se- riously,” stated OPP Commissioner Vince Hawkes. “With the increased prevalence of Fentanyl, Fentanyl analogues and synthetic opioid powders on our streets, there is a very real danger of exposure and these steps are being taken to ensure the safety of those we serve and our officers.» Every frontline officer will receive a kit containing two doses of Naxolone nasal spray, which can counter the effects of Fen- tanyl. Members of the Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) and Community Street Crime Unit (CSCU) will also receive personal drug safety kits. OPP protocol dealing with drug search- and-seizure cases and/or sampling of sus- pected drugs requiremandatory protective gear for officers now. Frontline officers in- volved in such cases with the DEU or CSCU must nowwear protective gear, including a respirator mask, safety glasses or goggles, nitrile gloves, and long-sleeved shirts or jackets. Recent Health Canada statistical reviews have determined that Fentanyl was present in 114 OPP drug search-and-seizure cases last year, including rural areas of Ontario where the OPP is themain police force. Test

Toxic cargo safety The United Counties of Prescott-Russell sup- ported a resolution from Kingston city council, calling on the provincial government to put into effect new safety measures dealing with trans- port of hazardous materials on public roads. The resolution recommends that the province forbid transportation of hazardous materials during periods of severe weather.The resolution resulted from an incident when a March blizzard caused a multi-vehicle accident on Highway 401, which also involved a tanker truck with a cargo of fluorsilicic.A Code Orange situation declared at Kingston General Hospital, as staff dealt with victims of the toxic spill. – Gregg Chamberlain The Naxolone kits for officers are for use if they are exposed to Fentanyl during the course of a case or for emergency treatment of anyone suspected of overdosing on Fen- tanyl if other medical aid is not available. All OPP officers will receive training in how to apply the Naxolone if required. Naxolone can reverse an overdose of Fentanyl or other opioid drug for about 20 minutes up to an hour’s duration, depending on the strength of the overdose. review results for 2017 are not available yet but Health Canada and OPP case files indi- cate the number of seizures which involved Fentanyl seems similar to the numbers for 2016.This supports police and health autho- rities’ concerns that Fentanyl use and abuse is a growing problem in Ontario.

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