Partial road closure detours ambulance


Residents of the Lacasse Road neighbou- rhoodwant to knowhow long before their road is open to normal traffic again. A par- tial road closure is now in effect and they are worried about what might happen in case of a house fire or other kind of emer- gency. Christine Cyr, a resident in the Ward 5 neighbourhood, raised the issue with Cla- rence-Rockland city council during its June 5 regular session. She reminded council that the road has been under partial closure for twomonths now because of serious erosion concerns involving one particular section. She noted that residents understand they have to put with some inconveniences like rescheduling of school bus pickup and dro- poff of their children, limits to local access for traffic, and such. But, she added, the real concern is about emergency service access to the area after a recent incident when a call for the ambulance resulted in a delayed response, because the ambulance unit sent out ended up on a long detour around the roadblock for the closed section. Cyr wonde- red what might happen if fire trucks tried to respond to a call from the neighbourhood. “Minutes are the difference between sa- ving a house and home, and losing it,” she said. Cyr asked when the city expects to have the road fixed and reopened to normal traffic. She also asked about city plans to improve public notice, including proper signage, about partial road closures and to make sure that all emergency crews are aware of such situations when they need to answer calls.

Les propriétaires du chemin Lacasse à Rockland s’inquiètent de la durée de la fermeture partielle de la route de leur quartier. La municipalité a imposé la fermeture en raison des dommages causés par l’érosion sur une partie de la route, mais il y a de cela deux mois et maintenant les résidents craignent que les camions de pompiers et les ambulances ne puissent se rendre dans leur région en cas d’urgence. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

Public Works director Dave Darch told council that the consultant firmStantec was doing a soil study and geotechnical analysis of the affected road portion, and he expected to have a report ready to present during the June 19 council session. Darch also expressed puzzlement about the ambulance call response incident to the neighbourhood, adding that department policy is to let emergency services know about any municipal road closures so that

intersection with Lacasse Road. Ward 5 councilor André Lalonde also as- ked Fire Chief BrianWilson tomake sure that all emergency service agencies are aware of the partial closure of Lacasse Road.

unexpected detours do not happen. “We can look at improving the (closure) signage,” Darch said, in response to a sugges- tion frommayor Guy Desjardins for posting road closure notices at the Baseline Road

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Province okays Taggart-Miller waste project Despite local opposition from both municipal politicians and community activist groups, the Ontario government has approved a controversial industrial and commercial waste recyling and disposal project in Ottawa’s eastern rural fringe area, right next door to Russell Township. Ottawa-based Taggart-Miller Environmental Services received final provincial approval for a proposed facility near the intersection of Boundary Road and Highway 417, in the Carlsbad Springs area east of Ottawa.The Capital Region Resources Recovery Facility (CRRRF) will accept a variety of waste shipped in from all over Ontario, including industrial, commercial, construction, and demolition waste, for either recycling or storage and disposal. The company’s plan is to divert between 43 to 57 per cent of the waste collected at the CRRRF while the rest would be buried in a landfill set up at the site. The provincial government’s approval of the project, announced on June 5, included 15 conditions for the company to follow to address local and regional environmental concerns about the project. More details to follow on the CRRRF project and reactions to the provincial government’s approval. – Gregg Chamberlain

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