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Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea

CONTENTS Marry Me in Kensington and Chelsea ....................................... 4-5 Walk with the stars ............................................................... 6-7 Getting started .................................................................... 8-9 Choosing a venue, making a booking ................................... 10-11 Giving Notice of Intention to Marry or enter into a Civil Partnership............................................. 12-13 Kensington and Chelsea venues, Chelsea Old Town Hall ............ 14-15 The Brydon Room ............................................................. 16-17 The Harrington Room and The Rossetti Room ......................... 18-19 The Small Hall, Main Hall and Cadogan Suite ............................... 20 The Register Office Room, religious buildings............................... 21 The Mayor’s Parlour ................................................................ 22 Choosing your Ceremony Venue ................................................ 23 Marry Me in Kensington and Chelsea – Your special day ........... 24-25 Personalising your ceremony, other ceremonies, renewal of vows ceremonies ................................................ 26-27 Naming ceremonies, committment ceremonies, Citizenship ceremonies ....................................................... 28-29 Disclaimer: Images featuring models are of styled ceremony rooms showcasing your options. The standard ceremony rooms are the pictures without models.


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Marry Me Welcome to the Royal Borough

inKensington andChelsea

of Kensington and Chelsea’s marriage services


Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea

youre engaged Congratulations

Getting married or forming your Civil Partnership will be one of the most special and treasured occasions of your life, and we understand that choosing the right location for your ceremony is an important decision. W ith over 30 venues to choose from – including the resplendent Chelsea Old Town Hall – the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is sure to have the perfect location for your all important day. We pride ourselves on providing the highest standards of customer care from start to finish – evidenced in hundreds of customer testimonials – meaning you’ll be fully supported throughout choosing, booking and holding your ceremony, and beyond, by our professional and friendly staff. All our years of experience will ensure that your day is second to none. This brochure tells you everything you need to know about choosing your Kensington and Chelsea ceremony venue and we hope that it’s helpful in guiding you along each step of this journey. Do visit our website where you can find information and don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any queries. On behalf of my team, I wish you all the very best for your special day. Yours sincerely

Kensington and Chelsea Register Office Chelsea Old Town Hall King’s Road, London SW3 5EE  Follow us on Instagram for your best wedding journey @MarryMeInChelsea

Steven Lord Superintendent Registrar


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Walk with the stars

I n the year when famous Chelsea resident Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin and voting rights were extended to all British women over 21, on 21 July 1928, in the hallway of Chelsea Town Hall, a young American divorcee waited anxiously to say “I do” to Ernest Simpson, a dashing ex-soldier. Her name was Wallis Spencer and she was destined to become the infamous Simpson; catalyst for the notorious royal abdication almost 10 years later. After meeting the Prince of Wales, who later became Edward VIII, and before her divorce from Ernest was finalised, she reportedly said, “Soon I shall be Queen of England” and the rest as they say, is history… Throughout the years Chelsea Town Hall, which became Chelsea Old Town Hall in 1965, has been synonymous with style and elegance and has

Other famous faces include hellraising actor Oliver Reed who married his first wife, model Kate Byrne, as well as the iconic film director Alfred Hitchcock, who famously said ‘I do’ to his beloved Alma Reville here in December 1926. Having once declared he was “not a massive believer in marriage”, one of the UK’s most beloved bachelors, Hugh Grant, changed his stance and chose our stunning venue to wed his fiancée, Anna Eberstein. Even more recently, Made In Chelsea stars Milly Mackintosh and Hugo Taylor decided to say Marry Me In Chelsea, enjoying a romantic, intimate ceremony with one of our welcoming registrars. So with all of this iconic history we’ve delightedly been a part of throughout the years, we’d love to invite you to start your love story the right way at the Chelsea Old Town Hall as trust us, you’re in great company!

hosted many famous faces keen on experiencing a slice of history surrounded by beauty. Not all life stories have been as colourful as that of Wallis Simpson, but many have been just as glamourous. Film star Judy Garland lived in London and briefly settled in Belgravia with her fourth husband Mickey Deans after their wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall on 15 March 1969. In 1949, Welsh heartthrob and actor Richard Burton graced our halls to marry his sweetheart Sybil Williams, so celebrities have long flocked to Chelsea to enjoy their nuptials. We’ve also hosted wild rock legends too. At the grand age of 22, Marc Bolan, lead singer of T.Rex was married on 30 January 1970 to June Child, with five friends in attendance. After posing outside for a few photographs, they celebrated with a meal and a good many drinks at an intimate reception.


Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Getting started There are two easy steps to getting married or entering into a Civil Partnership.

Step 1 Choose and book your venue

Step 2 Give Notice

of Intention to Marry or form a Civil Partnership


Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea

Contact us You can book online at  or call us on 020 7361 4100


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Step 1

Venues inside the Chelsea Old Town Hall

Choosing a venue for

your ceremony Y ou can get married or enter into a Civil Partnership in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea no matter where you live. There are around 30 venues in the Royal Borough which have been licensed for civil ceremonies. All have been carefully selected and are subject to the highest standards. The most famous of the venues here is the world reknown Chelsea Old Town Hall. Designed in the late Victorian era, constructed in Edwardian times and newly renovated in 2019, the Chelsea Old Town Hall is an elegant building which houses six licensed rooms, namely the Brydon Room, the Rossetti Room, the Harrington Room; and the Main Hall, Small Halls, and Cadogan Suite. To view all our venues please go to our website


Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea

Other venues available

Making a booking O nce you’ve decided the venue (including room), date and time of your ceremony, a provisional booking may be made with our office online at , or in person here at Chelsea Old Town Hall, King’s Road, London, SW3 5EE. In order to book, we ask you to pay a non- refundable booking fee which is separate from the attendance fee for the ceremony itself. Our full fees are detailed at the back of this brochure, and online at


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Step 2

O nce you’ve booked your ceremony, you and your partner will be required to attend an appointment at your own local register office in order to give notice of intention to marry or enter a Civil Partnership. These are the legal preliminaries to getting married or having a Civil Partnership, and must be completed at the latest a month before the ceremony date. Please note that there is a statutory fee associated with giving notice. If you’re giving notice with us at Kensington and Chelsea, we ask you to book your appointment online at Giving Notice of Intention to Marry or enter into a Civil Partnership


Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea

You’ll need to both attend together in person and each bring the following documents with you: • Your passport. • Your immigration status document and a passport photograph each (if applicable). • Your most recent proof of address document: a bank statement within the last month, a utility bill within the last three months, or a council tax statement within the last year. • If you’ve been married or in a Civil Partnership previously, proof of how this ended: i.e. your decree absolute (or foreign equivalent), or your former spouse’s death certificate and your marriage/Civil Partnership certificate. All documents must be originals and accompanied by a third-party translation into English, if applicable. As long as there are no lawful or immigration impediments to your planned

ceremony, your marriage or Civil Partnership may proceed 29 days after giving notice.


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Kensington and Chelsea venues Choosing the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

C helsea Old Town Hall is a beautiful and stylish classic building located on the King’s Road in Chelsea. It houses six licensed rooms – including the Brydon Room, the Rossetti Room, and the Harrington Room. You are warmly invited to see the splendour of our rooms for yourself and discover why over 2,000 couples every year choose to have their marriage or Civil Partnership ceremony with us. Please get in touch to arrange a viewing. The borough of Kensington and Chelsea also has many other venues where you may hold your ceremony, from elegant hotels to unique rooftop spaces overlooking the London skyline; from a royal residence to a stunning glass Orangery in a beautiful park setting. A full list of our approved venues is available at the back of this brochure.


Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea

Chelsea Old Town Hall We’d like to introduce you to the stunning rooms now available within our newly renovated Town Hall. Whichever room you select, you can tailor your ceremony in whatever way you wish – including with readings, music, personal vows and exchanging of your rings. You can check availability and book any of these rooms either online at or by calling us on 020 7361 4100 .


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The Brydon Room The Brydon Room is a beautiful and stylish location offering a unique setting for your special occasion. It is within this room that royalty and many famous couples have held their own ceremony and it is able to seat parties of up to 38 guests. The Brydon Room is available every day of the week.


Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The Harrington Room Perfect for smaller, intimate occasions, the Harrington Room accommodates up to eight guests, and ceremonies performed in this room are simple and elegant. The Harrington Room has limited availability between Monday and Friday.


Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea

The Rossetti Room The Rossetti Room is our most popular room and, although larger than the Harrington Room, it is still small enough for that intimate occasion. With seating for up to 12 guests, it offers a quiet and relaxed setting for your ceremony. The Rossetti Room is available every day of the week.


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The Small Hall, Main Hall and Cadogan Suite These stunning rooms at the Chelsea Old Town Hall are for larger ceremonies, and it’s even possible to host your reception event in these rooms after your ceremony too. Managed by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Conferencing and Events Team, please email or call 020 7361 2220 to enquire on availability for these three rooms, as well as checking the registrars’ availability online at registrars or by calling 020 7361 4100 . Other venues We are delighted to offer a range of different venues for your ceremony. Some of our venues can offer facilities for parties of over 300 people, whilst others are more suitable for smaller, intimate occasions. In order to be married or enter into your Civil Partnership at one of our approved venues, you must first make a booking with the venue of your choice and then contact us at Kensington and Chelsea Register Office to ensure that you book registrars to attend your ceremony. A list of our Approved Venues and fees are to be found at the back of this brochure and on our website at


Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea

The Register Office Room

Religious buildings

Register Office ceremonies are short but sweet, purely for you and your two witnesses only. Performed within a small interview room for those who simply wish to say the required declarations and sign the register; The Register Office has limited availability between Monday and Friday. You can check availability for these locations and book either online at or by calling us on 020 7361 4100 .

If you are planning a marriage in a religious building in Kensington and Chelsea, such as at a church, you should first seek their permission directly. Most religious buildings licensed for marriages have an authorised person to register the marriage, so a registrar from the Kensington and Chelsea Register Office does not need to attend. A minority however do not; in this case, please contact our Register Office at the earliest opportunity so that a registrar can attend on the day to register your marriage.


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The Mayor’s Parlour The Mayor’s Parlour is a wonderfully decorated ceremony room offering a classic setting for your special day. This spacious room is located on the first floor of the Civic Reception Area at Kensington Town Hall and can seat parties of up to 70 people (the couple and up to 68 guests).


Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea

Choosing your Ceremony Venue Whether you choose to have your ceremony at the iconic Chelsea Old Town Hall or one of our world-class venues in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, we ensure that your wedding is a special occasion. Whether you are planning a spectacular celebration or an intimate affair, our friendly and professional team of registrars will guide you every step of the way.


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Marry Me inKensington and Chelsea…

Your special day

I f you’re getting married or having your Civil Partnership at Chelsea Old Town Hall, we ask that you and your guests arrive via the Chelsea Manor Street entrance and head straight upstairs to the Ceremony Waiting Room. There is step-free access to this area via Chelsea Library just next door. Whilst your guests are being seated, the officiating registrars attending your ceremony will interview both of you privately to ensure that all the details to be recorded on the day of the ceremony are correct. At your meeting you will be asked to confirm all the details given at the time of your notice of intention to marry or enter into a Civil Partnership.


Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea

Once all the preliminaries have been completed, the registrars will arrange your entrance into the chosen room for the start of your ceremony. The officiating registrar will begin the ceremony with a welcome and short introduction, reminding you both of the solemn and binding nature of the commitment you are about to make to each other. As part of your ceremony you will be asked to repeat the official vows. Once you have exchanged your vows (and optional rings), the registrar will then ask both you and your witnesses to sign the register. There will then be an opportunity for photographs to be taken by your photographer and guests.


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Personalising your ceremony

Other ceremonies Civil Partnership to Marriage conversion ceremonies

Once you have given your notice of your intention to marry or form a Civil Partnership, we invite you to complete your Programme of Events which allows you to tell us your exact preferences for your ceremony. You may choose to have a quiet intimate ceremony with just yourselves and a few friends; or on the other hand, you may wish to personalise your ceremony with music, readings, exchanging of rings and personalised vows.

A Civil Partnership to Marriage conversion ceremony allows couples who have chosen to convert their Civil Partnership into a marriage to celebrate their new status. Any couple wishing to convert their Civil Partnership to a marriage will be able to do so at the Chelsea Old Town Hall, or at any of the approved venues within our borough. If you wish to hold your Civil Partnership to marriage conversion ceremony here in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, you can book online at

Our aim is to ensure that we deliver the ceremony that you want to make

it as memorable as it can be. The only restriction is religious content which legally cannot be incorporated into a civil ceremony. We would be delighted to discuss any aspect of your ceremony with you so please feel free to contact us. or call us on 020 7361 4100 .


Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea

Renewal of vows ceremonies This is a special ceremony for couples who wish to renew their vows in a unique and personal way. Often a renewal of vows ceremony is associated with a special anniversary, but the ceremony is just as appropriate for couples at any stage of their union. This occasion is a wonderful opportunity for couples to reaffirm their love for one another and one which their family and friends can share in. Please remember however that renewal of vows ceremonies have no legal recognition.


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Naming ceremonies A naming ceremony is an occasion for parents, family and friends to pledge their love and commitment to a child. It is an opportunity to celebrate the birth of a new baby or to welcome an adoptive child or step-child into their new family. Supporting adults, grandparents and older siblings are able to make their promises to the child and you can choose poems or readings to enhance the ceremony. Naming ceremonies can be arranged by anyone, from any cultural background and with any spiritual or religious beliefs. There is no age limit to a naming ceremony and more than

one sibling may be named at the same time. Naming ceremonies have no legal recognition.

Commitment ceremonies This is an opportunity for couples wishing to have a ceremony where they may declare their love and commitment for each other in front of family and friends. Commitment ceremonies have no legal recognition.


Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea

Citizenship ceremonies Any person who has applied for and been granted British Citizenship will be required to attend a citizenship ceremony where they will make their pledge of allegiance to Her Majesty The Queen and the United Kingdom. At the completion of the ceremony, the new citizen will be presented with their ‘Certificate of Naturalisation’ allowing them to apply for their

British passport. For those who used the Joint Passport and Citizenship service, their passport will be dispatched directly by the Home Office the day after the citizenship ceremony, and usually will arrive to you within six weeks. There are two types of ceremony that you may choose from. A group ceremony which is held fortnightly at Kensington Town Hall for which

there is no charge; or a private ceremony which is held at Chelsea Old Town Hall upon special request. Private Citizenship ceremonies can usually be arranged at very short notice, often within a couple of days, for an additional fee. To book a citizenship ceremony, please do so online at


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea



The Gate Cinema (Licensed for Civil Ceremonies) The Gate Cinema in Notting Hill is a stunning venue to hold your wedding ceremony or civil partnership. Whether you’ve a flair for the dramatic, or are just looking for a venue that reflects who you are as a couple, you’ll agree that The Gate is the perfect choice. More couples than ever are searching for a venue that shows personality, and at The Gate they offer both timeless elegance and cheeky kitsch, so no matter what your style their experienced staff can help. Why not have your photos up on screen, or even a homemade film for friends and

Number Sixteen (Licensed for Civil Ceremonies)

family to enjoy before you make your big entrance? The venue can hold up to 185 guests and has a fully licensed bar which can offer drinks and snacks before and after the ceremony. Who wants to be normal? Be unique and get married in the very place where dreams come alive… The Gate Cinema, 87 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3JZ Tel: 020 7792 8939 Email: Web: cinema/Gate_Picturehouse

In the heart of South Kensington, Number Sixteen is the perfect location for a stylish London wedding. The Orangery overlooking the hotel’s beautiful tree-filled garden is available for private hire, for an intimate civil ceremony or wedding breakfast for up to 30 guests. The leafy garden is also a unique venue for a chic reception or summer soirée for up to 60 guests. Spend the wedding night in style in an individually designed guestroom at Number Sixteen. The rooms are light and airy, with high ceilings and natural light. Many of the rooms look over the leafy courtyard garden or on to the gorgeous Victorian white stucco terraces of Sumner Place.

Number Sixteen, 16 Sumner Place, London SW7 3EG Tel: 020 7287 4434 Email: Web:


Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea

Albert’s at Beaufort House (Licensed for Civil Ceremonies)

Beaufort House’s exquisite private members’ club Albert’s is a truly unique venue. Named after the iconic Prince Albert, it is one of the most prestigious clubs in Kensington & Chelsea. It brings back the codes of chivalry, service and duty to the Royal Borough it has always been famed for. This stunning club is designed for those who hold legacy, charm and sophistication in high esteem. Beaufort House provides the perfect setting to host weddings and civil partnerships, with Art Deco inspired interiors, natural daylight in each room, vibrant wallpapers and eccentric flourishes. Whether you choose a reception in the Penthouse Champagne Bar (maximum 100), a dinner in the Club Room (maximum 110) or a more intimate wedding breakfast in the Private Dining Room (maximum 30), it is the perfect place to celebrate your big day. Beaufort House is located in the heart of Chelsea, on the corner of the fashionable King’s Road and Beaufort Street. A stone’s throw from Chelsea Old Town Hall, you are welcome to come for a viewing any time. The event team’s dedicated wedding planner will help plan your big day by providing a personalised and innovative planning service that only a premier private members’ club can offer. The talented, creative events team will manage every facet of the day including financial planning to suit your budget. They will accommodate any special requirements, however unique. You will receive a professional consultation upon confirmation of your booking, including a detailed run through of your special day, so you can be assured that your celebration will be impeccably planned, allowing you complete peace of mind. To discuss your special day in more detail please contact a member of the events team. Albert’s at Beaufort House, 354 Kings Road, London SW3 5UZ Tel: 020 7352 2828 Email: Web:


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Romulo Café & Restaurant Wedding Receptions Romulo Café & Restaurant is the ideal venue for your intimate wedding ceremony and romantic celebration. Set in a former Georgian townhouse, moments from Holland Park, the restaurant’s interiors evoke a stylish Filipino home, one that the owner’s grandfather, Carlos P. Romulo – a former President of the UN General Assembly – might have chosen for his London residence. Head Chef Jeremy Villanueva trained under Michel Roux, and designs bespoke menus featuring a selection of fine Filipino dishes with an emphasis on sustainability. Romulo Café is the only Filipino restaurant to be listed in the Tatler Restaurant Guide. The restaurant can accommodate 60 people seated, and 80 for canapé receptions. Owner Rowena Romulo will happily take care of all the details leading up to your special day.

Holiday Inn London - Kensington Forum (Licensed for Civil Ceremonies)

The Hurlingham Club A hidden gem of London…an exquisite wedding venue Located on the border of the River Thames in Fulham and set within 42 acres of magnificent grounds, the venue is a green oasis of tradition and international renown. The striking Georgian Clubhouse effortlessly combines timeless elegance with contemporary event facilities, and makes a magnificent backdrop for your wedding celebration. With years of acquired wedding experience, the striking venue provides exceptional dining with its team of talented chefs, five star hospitality and outstanding service to exceed all expectations.

Holiday Inn London Kensington Forum is located in the heart of South Kensington, with only moments from London’s world-famous museums, the Royal Albert Hall and Hyde Park. With a selection of private dining rooms hosting 30 – 250 people the hotel is an ideal setting for custom made solutions for dinners and wedding celebrations. With natural daylight throughout the spacious areas and with their dedicated events teams and exquisite menus which also includes Caribbean menus.

The Hurlingham Club, Ranelagh Gardens, London SW6 3PR Tel: 020 7610 7526 Email: Web: Twitter: @HurlinghamVenue

Holiday Inn London Kensington Forum 97 Cromwell Road, London SW7 4DN Tel: 020 7370 6815 Email: Web:

Romulo Café, 343 Kensington High Street W8 6NW Tel: 020 3141 6390

Email: Web:


Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea

The Five Fields The Five Fields is a Michelin starred

The Phene (Licensed for Civil Ceremonies)

amuse-bouche and petit fours. A cosy lounge adjoins The Rocque Room and is available for drinks to welcome guests before dining or after your meal. The Rocque Room can accommodate up to 6 guests for lunch or dinner, while the main dining room can accommodate a private takeover of up to 24 guests. For enquiries into booking an event at The Five Fields please ring 020 7838 1082 or

restaurant nestled away off the King’s Road offering seasonal Modern British cooking in luxurious surroundings. Located on the first floor of the restaurant and overlooking the charming side streets of Chelsea. Their private dining room, The Rocque Room is decorated in warm subtle tones with a feature fireplace and offers a view into the extensive wine cellar. The Five Fields offers a six-course tasting menu and is offered alongside additional indulgences such as canapes,

The Club Room: 16 seated The Garden: 60 standing

This iconic and much-loved Chelsea venue boasts an array of options to suit beautiful boutique weddings in a secluded spot within five minutes’ walk of the Old Town Hall. Enjoy a Champagne reception and canapés in The Phene’s sunbathed garden, a local landmark, before sitting down to dine in one of the elegant private spaces. Choose between: The Oakley Room: 44 seated

The Phene’s dedicated events team will ensure your big day goes smoothly, leaving you and your guests to enjoy the delicious food, drink and relaxed atmosphere.

The Phene, 9 Phene Street, Chelsea SW3 5NY Tel: 020 7352 9898 Email: Web:

email Web:


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The Conservatory Private dining at Daphne’s

Nestled among the boutiques of Brompton Cross, in the heart of Chelsea, Daphne’s offers effortless charm and a warm welcome to local residents and destination diners alike. The Italian restaurant, bar and conservatory are vibrant and inviting with an authentic Italian charm that is abundant as soon as you walk through the door. The rooms have been designed with the colour palettes of Italy firmly in mind, while the seasonally changing food embodies the very best of Italian cooking. Daphne’s private dining room, The Conservatory, is perfect for guests who seek a more intimate space. The elegant garden-inspired room creates an alfresco feel in the summer. A retractable glass roof lets the sun flood in, bathing everything in light, while fragrant lemon trees and beautiful tiled flooring add to the bright, open-air feel. In winter the roof returns and the room transforms. A blazing fire in the original Daphne’s fireplace brings a cosy, intimate atmosphere to your gathering.

The elegant surrounds can accommodate up to 40 guests for a seated lunch or dinner and ranges up to 50 for a canapé reception. The charming room is the perfect location for wedding, anniversary and birthday celebrations alike. The menus are designed to give guests a taste of the traditional, Head Chef Michael Brown creates wonderful seasonal menus that highlight the very best of each season’s produce. Whether guests are looking to be inspired or would simply love to create a bespoke menu to suit special dietary requirements and tastes, the Daphne’s team are there to support every step of the way in helping to make dreams a reality. To enquire, please contact their private dining team: Email or call 020 7307 5786.

Daphne’s, 112 Draycott Avenue, London SW3 3AE


Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea

The Egerton House Hotel Discover The Egerton House Hotel nestled on a quiet residential street overlooking private gardens in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The hotel is just moments away from the leading cultural institutions of the V&A, Natural History and Science Museums, as well as some of the best shopping in the world, with Harrods and Harvey Nichols just a short stroll away. This enchanting 19 th -century boutique townhouse is a beautiful setting for wedding celebrations, from bride or groom parties getting ready together to intimate canapé and cocktail receptions. The atmosphere

terrace leading from the private sitting room through full-length French doors. For a delightful twist on the traditional wedding breakfast, spoil your guests with a delicious Afternoon Tea experience – with options for vegan and gluten free diets, and even a specially designed Afternoon Tea for your canine companion. Alternatively, retreat to The Egerton after your wedding ceremony or celebration, perhaps pausing to enjoy London’s best martini in the cosy bar, before retiring to the comfort of your suite or bedroom for a peaceful night’s sleep.

2019 summer installation for Chelsea Flower Show

The Egerton House Hotel, 17-19 Egerton Terrace, Knightsbridge, London SW3 2BX Tel: 020 7589 2412 Email: Web:

of the interiors and the service perfectly balance the comfort and warmth of home with the decadence of luxury hotel living. The privacy and grandeur of the Victoria and Albert Suite lends itself perfectly to wedding preparations, and offers its very own garden


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Manicomio Chelsea Manicomio Chelsea offers an elegant and simple menu of modern Italian dishes with a strong emphasis on seasonality. The conservatory private dining room at Manicomio can well be described as a “hidden gem”. This unique setting is enhanced by a tranquil, private courtyard garden, ideal for the all-important aperitif. Perfect for dinner parties of 12 to 30 or cocktail receptions from 30 to 60, it is the ultimate party venue to celebrate your special day. Now booking for 2022

Buddha-Bar London Buddha-Bar London Restaurant aims to push culinary boundaries and their menu blends Pan Asian cuisine with western tastes and influences. Chinese, Japanese, Thai and far eastern flavours are stylishly entwined to spearhead a new-wave Pacific Rim cuisine. The extensive wine and sake list complements their dishes by featuring a wide selection of both world renowned names and unusual finds. Buddha-Bar London pride themselves on being unique in every way. Buddha-Bar London 145 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7PA Tel: 020 3667 5222 Email: Web:

Medlar Medlar is an independently owned restaurant located on Kings Road and has a private room available for hire for twelve to twenty-eight guests. The room features its own bar area and two large windows overlooking the Kings Road. The restaurant has gained many exemplary reviews over the years and has built a fine reputation for food and service. The space can be tailored for your occasion, for more information please contact the reception team who would be happy to answer any questions.

Promo Code NZMM 21/22 10% OFF FINAL INVOICE

Manicomio Chelsea, 83-85 Duke Of York Square, London SW3 4LY Tel: 020 7730 3366

Medlar, 438 Kings Road, Chelsea SW10 0LJ Tel: 020 7349 1900 Email: Web:

Email: Web:


Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea

RadissonBlu Edwardian, Vanderbilt Hotel The Radisson Blu Edwardian, Vanderbilt Hotel’s magnificent Georgian exterior, stunning frescoed ceilings, stained glass windows and wood panelled walls are all part of the 19 th century building’s proud heritage and timeless style, making it the perfect setting for weddings. With a selection of intimate private dining rooms hosting 20 – 100 guests for wedding breakfasts and receptions, the Grade II listed Vanderbilt boasts a dedicated events team and exquisite menus. Located in fashionable South Kensington, the hotel is only moments from London’s world-famous museums, the Royal Albert Hall and Hyde Park. Please quote ‘Register Office’ when making your reservation. Radisson Blu Edwardian, Vanderbilt Hotel, 68-86 Cromwell Road, Kensington, London SW7 5BT Tel: 020 7761 9013 Email: Web:

The Cadogan, A Belmond Hotel, London

An intimate wedding will always be a grand occasion at The Cadogan. Set in the heart of Chelsea, enter through Lillie Langtry’s front door, your very own private entrance, dine on seasonal, modern British menus curated by Adam Handling and end the evening in a beautiful bridal suite. Extend the celebrations with your loved ones and reserve the exclusive seven-bedroom penthouse suite

Enoteca Turi Restaurant Located in Belgravia in the Pimlico Road Design District, Enoteca Turi, an independently owned Italian restaurant with a great reputation, is the ideal setting for intimate receptions and celebrations, providing both private dining (up to 28) and exclusive hire (up to 70). With awards for Best Wine List and Best Independent Italian Restaurant, it delivers the authentic flavours of Italian culinary heritage with regionally-inspired seasonal menus. To discuss your requirements in more detail, contact the team on or 020 7730 3663.

overlooking the private gardens. Celebrations of up to 50 guests.

The Cadogan, A Belmond Hotel, 75 Sloane Street, London SW1X 9SG Tel: 020 7048 7141 Email: Web: london/belmond-cadogan-hotel/

Enoteca Turi Restaurant, 87 Pimlico Road, London SW1W 8PH Web:


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

YTZ Wedding Photography

Ben Joseph Photography

Yulia is an easy going photographer with more than 10 years experience and over 200 happy couples in the UK and abroad. To describe her style in three words would be: candid, romantic and bohemian. Her photography tells a story, depicts an essence of the moment and captures not just the way you look but THE WAY YOU FEEL. Yulia’s approach is very natural and delicate and she will capture your love and beauty in the most favourable manner of which you deserve.

Carla Thomas Photography

Exceptional – Creative – Photography “I discounted quite a few photographers before I found Ben, I am extremely picky. From our initial meeting we knew we’d made the right decision. There is such life and honesty in his photographs, and so it was with our wedding. He caught the humour, warmth and love of the occasion uniquely and beautifully. He is courteous and an absolute professional - we would recommend him without reservation.” Katherine & Rick 2019 Mob: 07958 915484 Email: Web:

After months and months of planning, your wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye, and you want to remember everything. Carla is all about making sure the little details of your big day are remembered forever. Natural relaxed wedding photography that’s about focusing on the moment and not posing.

Carla Thomas Photography Tel: 07940 596060

Mob: 07543 098548 Email: Web: IG:

Email: Web: IG: carlathomasphoto


Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea

Helen Jones Photography Helen’s couples say: “We are THRILLED with the photos! They are even better than we hoped for and really captured the mood of the day. I will certainly be recommending you to friends.” Rachel and Max “We are delighted with the photos and love every single one of them – you’ve made us look fantastic. Thanks to you, the whole process was relaxed and fun. We really appreciated your enthusiasm for the wedding and your interest in us. It’s been an absolute pleasure to deal with you.” Sara and Stef “The results were fantastic and her unique approach made the process very easy. Helen was so flexible, taking incredibly natural pictures throughout. We had a great choice of shots and many that would never be offered by other photographers. Helen was a pleasure to work with and you will not be disappointed.” Michael and Samantha “We have just looked through the photos – they are amazing! We are very happy with them. So beautifully done :-)” Samar and Feroz “What more can we say? We were extremely pleased with our stunning images. We will definitely be recommending your wedding photography services.” Rachel and David Beautiful photography by London based photographer and retouching specialist Helen Jones. All sizes of wedding catered for with additional photographers on her team available for large weddings and special rates for very small weddings. Samples and prices can be found on the website but do please call Helen to discuss your special day.

Mob: 07973 841476 Email: Web:


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Gee Brothers Printers In Clapham for 45 years, Gee Brothers uses traditional and modern processes to create beautiful stationery of the highest quality. Choose between engraving, letter pressing, thermography, blind embossing, foiling and digital printing. For those requiring a bespoke service, book an appointment with their experienced consultants to design your perfect wedding suite. Visit their website and find a wealth of inspiration and over 40 designs to order online. Start by ordering your sample pack today!

Cherry On The Cake Wedding Films Dynamic & Cinematic Wedding Videography.

Laetitia’s style is unobtrusive and spontaneous - she captures candid images and all the moments you missed during the day, which, mixed with stylised shots of the two of you, make for a happy, romantic & beautiful film. Prepare for an immersive audio-visual experience with your wedding day memories! ‘Oh my goodness- this is simply amazing! We’ve cried watching it! Thank you so much!’ Jenny & Chris

JD Prestige Cars Make your big day special with their ultra luxury chauffeur driven cars. Arrive in style and make a spectacular entrance.

Gee Brothers Printers 221 St John’s Hill, London SW11 1TH Tel: 020 7228 4081 Email: Web: IG: @geebrothersprinters

JD Prestige Cars Tel: 020 8384 0795 Mob: 07932 672544 / 07951 166363 Email: Web:

Cherry on the Cake wedding films Tel: 07703816343

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Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea

Blake Morgan Ensure you are financially secure in your marriage Although this is an exciting time, financial security is an important consideration when getting married. If you wish to enjoy your marriage, safe in the knowledge you have done as much as you can to provide clarity for your future, you may wish to consider a pre-nuptial agreement. They can provide certainty and reassurance as to how your finances would be treated, if you were to divorce, annul the marriage or separate. Blake Morgan is a firm specialising in family law and highly recommend having a pre-nuptial agreement and Will in place especially if you have either inherited wealth or generated wealth, from endeavours prior to the marriage. Enjoy preparing for your ‘big day’, knowing you have financial clarity. For further information please contact Flora Grossman by email at or by phone on 020 7405 2000.

Jez Dickson Photography Stylish Documentary Wedding Photography. Coverage Available From One Hour. Kensington & Chelsea Exclusives. “An outstanding photographer and lovely man, Jez took incredible photos of our day. Our flat is now full of his photos, and the album he produced is top class. A true pro from start to finish and we would recommend him without hesitation.” Natasha & David – London Jez Dickson Photography Tel: 07788 660198 Email: Web:

YBPHOTOGRAPHIC YBPHOTOGRAPHIC’s Yvonne Blume specialises in timeless wedding photography at Chelsea Register Office. Having photographed more than 200 weddings in Kensington and Chelsea, Yvonne uses her calm presence and extensive experience to create beautiful images for you, which capture all the emotion and key events of your day.

Yvonne has packages starting from just 1.5 hours coverage to suit the most intimate Chelsea elopement ceremonies, right up to full day weddings. Call her on 020 8432 0898 to check her availability for your wedding date.

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The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea


Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea

Timebus Red double deckers from their beautifully restored fleet are a stylish, safe mode of transport between your ceremony and reception venues, perhaps with a London tour. Traditional 1960s Routemasters with conductors are popular (seating up to 72) alongside open top and more luxurious variants. They are a fully licensed and insured specialist operator, established 30 years.

Timebus, 7 Boleyn Drive, St. Albans, AL1 2BP Tel: 01727 866248 Web:

Wedding Make-up and Hair By Pam Wrigley Winner Best Wedding Hair Stylist Winner Make-up Specialist of the Year Relax, you’re in good hands. Beautiful Hair: textured & relaxed, or smooth & sleek. Beautiful Make-up: natural, glamorous or

Timebus Open Platform Routemaster

Etoile Bakery Based in Battersea, Etoile’s stunning designs have earned it an enviable reputation in London. Their bespoke service is tailored to you, ensuring your cake uniquely reflects you as a couple and your special day. With a dedication to perfection and excellent craftsmanship Etoile ensures a centrepiece to remember. At an initial consultation they will discuss your design with you, bringing all the elements together – your flowers, your dress, your colours – to create your perfect cake. Everything at Etoile Bakery is hand made in-house so that your cake is completely individual and in keeping with the rest of your day.


Lil & Blue Lil & Blue offer beautiful vintage fiat 500s for chauffeur driven hire in London. All cars are in pristine condition with convertible sunroofs, eye-catching coach doors and rear wicker picnic baskets. These small cars have enormous personality and bags of style. If you are looking for something truly unique, camera loving and lots of fun, Lil & Blue would make a perfect choice for your wedding day transport!

somewhere in-between. Get in touch for a chat!

Pam Wrigley, creating beautiful wedding hair & make-up in London & Home Counties for over 20 yrs. Mob: 07720 300 062 Email: Web: IG: WeddingMakeupandHair

Etoile Bakery Tel: 07980 292885

Tel: 07789 278374 Email: Web: IG: @Lil_blue_fiat_500s

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The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Ray of Light Studio Photography Chic and timeless imagery with a documentary style and a touch of fine art that you will love for a lifetime. Frederique has a deep passion for what she does and loves to capture the most precious moments to treasure for generations. With a vibrant personality she can really connect with others and tell stories about people through photography. The results celebrate people’s love, their traditions and cultural background. With a unique personal approach and authenticity, you are assured of the best possible experience. Tel: 07717 755 533 Email: Web: IG: rayoflightstudiowedding

Kensington flowers Kensington flowers specialise in small, intimate weddings in central London. K f offer a completely bespoke service, working with each couple to design unique and beautiful floral designs. Their small, friendly team will create wedding flowers to suit your style, theme and personality. Kensington flowers can provide stunning bouquets, buttonholes as well as arrangements of any size, for the ceremony and wedding breakfast venues. Kensington flowers 15 Victoria Grove, Kensington,

Amanda Austin Flowers Amanda Austin Flowers makes beautiful Bridal Bouquets, 20 years, 350 Brides, but only 1 special day! Each bouquet is bespoke and they are here to help. Bouquets, Buttonholes, Wedding Tables, Vases,... they have everything you need to decorate your day. Amanda Austin Flowers, 490a Kings Road Chelsea (entrance on Langton Street) London SW10 0LF Tel: 020 7351 3151 Mob: 07973 968 171 Email: Web:

London W8 5RW Tel: 020 7225 3176 Web:


Marry me in Kensington and Chelsea

Caroline Castigliano British designer Caroline Castigliano has been at the forefront of luxury bridal and eveningwear for over 28 years having an unrivalled list of celebrity clients and dignitaries. Castigliano is known for understated effortless glamour, her dresses are refreshingly chic. Having spent years perfecting her iconic look, Caroline has become a name synonymous with polished understatement and contemporary style. Loved for her signature silhouette with built in hidden corsetry and lingerie techniques that hug and skim the body, Castigliano is the go to designer for brides wanting to bridge the gap between traditional wedding style and fashion sensibilities. The Caroline Castigliano flagship boutique in Knightsbridge prides itself on offering impeccable service in a very friendly and intimate environment. Make an appointment there and you will be welcomed by an experienced stylist who will guide you through the collection and advise on styles that will best suit you. Each gown is designed by Caroline offering unrivalled quality and exquisite finishing. You can choose from the exclusive Knightsbridge collection or have the perfect gown created bespoke; couture especially for you. Caroline Castigliano, 154 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London SW3 1HX Tel: 020 7590 9120 Email: Web:


Credits Front cover: Jez Dickson Photography

With thanks for additional photographs from YBPHOTOGRAPHIC, James King, Jez Dickson Photography, Helen Jones Photography, Jamirah Photographers and Neli Prahova Photography


Contact us To contact the team either get in touch online at , call us on 020 7361 4100 or email

@marrymeinchelsea @marryme_chelsea @marrymeinchelsea

We look forward to celebrating your special occasion within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

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