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We understand the environmental challenges that many of our customers face, with ambitious targets being set for public and private sector organisations to meet their net-zero objectives in the coming years. We aspire to improve the way in which we support our customers and their projects, as we work collectively towards a net-zero future.

GARLAND UK Our Sustainability Commitment Roofing with a positive impact

For over 20 years, our dedicated Technical Managers have developed partnerships with over 4,500 schools, NHS trusts, councils and private companies across the UK, as a single point of contact for each customer.

We are a market-leading manufacturer of high-quality roofing and waterproofing systems for the commercial, residential, industrial and public sectors. Working in partnership with Surveyors, Architects and Facilities Managers, we deliver robust, proactive & long-term waterproofing solutions for all roofing assets.

We offer

Diverse product range including metal, modified bitumen, liquid coatings, green and solar PV systems New build, refurbishment and preventive maintenance solutions Dedicated Technical Manager throughout your project Free rooftop survey and condition reports

Bespoke specifications and detail drawings Environmental initiatives, government grants and funding application support

Cloud-based roof asset management services

Garland has taken an important step in developing a robust and holistic strategy for delivering sustainable roofing systems, implementing this will lead to meaningful change James Cadman Head of Consultancy, Action Sustainability

Our Sustainability Commitment Roofing with a Positive Impact We understand the environmental challenges that many of our customers face, with ambitious targets being set for public and private sector organisations

Now more than ever, we can confidently deliver roofing and building envelope projects that have a positive impact on the environment. By making proactive and meaningful changes through a robust Sustainability Commitment, we strive to be the leader in sustainable roofing and building envelope systems in the UK.

to meet their net-zero objectives in the coming years. We aspire to improve the way in which we support our customers and their projects, as we work collectively towards a net-zero future. Until now sustainability had not been embedded into every facet of our business. However, the evolving global changes combined with the desire to reduce our carbon footprint, has led us to make an ambitious and transparent sustainability commitment. During this process of change, we considered a wide range of sustainability issues when developing our Sustainability Commitment, which enabled us to focus on our critical environmental goals alongside our fundamental employee-owner objectives. Through essential improvements to our business we now have the infrastructure to be accountable for our environmental impact, as well as delivering quantifiable results to our customer’s critical environmental initiatives.

The built environment currently accounts for 40% of the UK’s total carbon emissions

The UK government has set a target of Net-zero carbon by 2050 across all sectors

The UK government has pledged to reduce emissions by 78%, by 2035

We are dedicated to making a long term positive change to the UK roofing industry through our Sustainability Commitment Tim Jones Managing Director, Garland UK “

Our Sustainability Commitment Our approach to sustainability directly addresses our business’ impact on the environment, whilst

We have prioritised four critical areas to be addressed within the scope of our Sustainability Commitment; Carbon, Resource Efficiency, People, and Social Value. Each pillar has a clear vision of where we want to be and transparent pledges which we are committed to achieving, in order to achieve our overall targets. To enable our Sustainability Commitment to become reality, we will position our people at the core of everything we do, supporting their professional development to provide trusted technical expertise in a fair, inclusive, and respectful culture.

ensuring we continually provide our customers with long-lasting waterproofing solutions.

The 4 Key Pillars of our Sustainability Commitment


Resource Efficiency


Social Value

We will ensure that all employees are trained on the mandatory sustainability topics relevant to their role. Our internal training programme will continue to deliver market-leading training for our Technical Managers every month.

We will engage our wider communities to develop a social value framework that delivers maximum community benefit. We will support apprenticeships and school leavers with their development and create a wider impact by engaging with our Approved Contractor Network.

We will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions throughout our business and supply chain. By continuously developing our service and systems, we will support our customers to reduce their operational and whole-life carbon whilst maximising the environmental benefits of their roofing assets.

We will reduce our waste to landfill and increase the use of recycled, reused and recyclable materials within our projects. We will provide our customers with transparent data regarding our waste management, resource efficiency, circular economy and modern slavery due diligence.

Carbon Carbon reduction is the foundation of our sustainability plan and allows us to create a lasting positive impact for the environment, our clients and our supply chain. The climate emergency must be a priority for all organisations, and we will support our clients’ ambitions to mitigate and adapt to climate change through improved energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions, while actively and continuously reducing our own carbon footprint.


Our Commitment Garland UK will be a net-zero carbon business by 2032

To become carbon neutral by 2025 (Scope 1 & 2), gaining PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality certification To achieve Science Based Targets (SBTi) validation by 2027 and become net-zero carbon (Scope 1, 2 and 3) by 2032 To publish our Carbon Reduction Plan, our carbon footprint, and plans to reduce our emissions by 2024, in line with Procurement Policy Note 06/21 for carbon Our Targets

Resource Efficiency Resource efficiency plays an integral role in our Sustainability Commitment, where we use the Earth’s limited resources sustainably and maximise the use of recycled or recyclable materials to minimise our environmental impact.

Our Commitment

Zero avoidable waste to landfill by 2027 & zero avoidable waste produced by 2030

We will sustainably source materials and procure the correct volume of materials from responsible suppliers. By working actively with our supply

chain, we will continue to source innovative materials whilst being proactive in our approach to modern slavery and due diligence.

We will promote the inclusion of the existing roof system where it can be reused and encapsulated, mitigating unnecessary waste to landfill during the building’s life cycle Incorporate circular economy principles and the waste hierarchy into all specifications by 2025, with a focus on reused materials and those containing recycled content Achieve zero avoidable waste to landfill by 2027 and zero avoidable waste by 2030 Our Targets

People Our People are the most vital asset in our business, and we put their development and well-being at the core of everything we do. We pride ourselves on the technical waterproofing expertise we provide to our customers and will continue to empower our team, supporting them to develop their sustainability knowledge to provide trusted technical advice.

Our Commitment

We will ensure that all employees are trained on the mandatory sustainability topics relevant to their role. Our internal training programme will continue to deliver market-leading training for our Technical Managers every month.

We will make year-on-year improvements in fairness, inclusion and respect, equality, diversity and inclusion and workforce culture.

All members of our team will complete continual learning on relevant sustainability topics and be empowered to develop new innovative solutions that support our Sustainability Commitment Our Technical Managers will be provided with expert training enabling them to confidently support customers’ sustainability ambitions and deliver real and lasting change Ensure all appropriate team members have completed the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR) tool kit by 2023 To work with our key and strategic suppliers to develop their sustainability capabilities Our Targets

Social Value Social value plays a pivotal role in how construction can provide economic, social and environmental benefits to our communities. Our long-standing partnerships will provide a lasting positive social impact on the communities we operate in across the UK.

Our Commitment

We will work with our clients and suppliers to create a Social Value Framework, which will maximise, measure and report on the positive social value outcomes for the communities in which we operate.

We will support apprenticeships and school leavers with their professional development through our Approved Contractor Network.

We will identify and support organisations and groups of people requiring support and employment, including; small to medium enterprises (SMEs), voluntary, community & social enterprises (VCSEs), diverse-owned businesses, local people, unemployed and ex-offenders We will support our client’s ambitions and targets to improve social value outcomes, in reference to Procurement Policy Note 06/20 for social value We will support and engage with educational institutions offering career advice, work experience, and STEM engagement days or similar Our Targets

Our Sustainability Roadmap



We have outlined our key stage-gates on our path to a more sustainable operation and net-zero carbon.

Define our Sustainability Commitment vision and pillars

Create a baseline to measure our performance

Engage our team and create internal working group

Engage our supply chain with our Sustainability Commitment

Evaluate benchm suppliers carbon p

Scope 1, 2 & 3

Scope 1 & 2 Scope 3



Achieve zero avoidable waste to landfill

Science-Based Targets (SBTi) validation

Complete the circular economy process for end-of-life bitumen membranes


Evaluate supply chain for areas of non-compliance and support suppliers who are investing in renewable energy



e and mark our

Enrol all staff on the Supply Chain Sustainability School and complete foundational training

Invest in greener energy for our buildings

Publish Carbon Reduction Report annually

s on their performance



Remove forklift trucks using fossil fuels from our operation

Proactively encourage our staff to use electric vehicles and achieve over 70% uptake

Achieve carbon neutrality Gain PAS2060 Carbon Neutrality Certification



Achieve Net-zero carbon

Achieve zero avoidable waste

What this means for...

Our Customers

As we work together to meet the UK’s net-zero carbon target by 2050, the role of the supply chain has never been more critical. Our Sustainability Commitment will embed sustainability into everything we do, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting our customers to do the same. As the trusted building envelope partner, our customers can expect a long-term commitment that fully supports and enables their environmental initiatives.

Our Communities

Our Systems

We take every step to better understand the communities in which we operate and work with our customers to discuss how we can support their social value policies. From building envelope design, incorporating bio-diverse rooftop spaces, to supporting apprentices through our nationwide network of Approved Contractors, we will continue to deliver meaningful social value to our customers and their communities.

We will actively pursue relevant sustainability credentials across our range of systems and continuously seek ways to innovate and increase the recycled and recyclable content within our products. Working closely with our supply chain to reduce their carbon and develop their sustainability credentials, our customers can confidently work with us, knowing that the manufacture of material, waste production and transportation have been carefully considered. Discover our range of waterproofing systems >


As a 100% employee-owned business, we want our team to feel proud to work at Garland UK and confident in providing the essential technical expertise to our customers. Our Technical Managers are continuously trained and developed to provide the best tailored support for our customer’s decarbonisation

strategies and understand how best to utilise roofing assets as a method of reducing their carbon.

Contact your local expert today. Our Technical Managers are on hand to assist and provide technical advice on your building envelope and roofing systems.

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