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Most of these ideas take very little money – just your time. Invest in yourself and your business and you’ll be stronger and better for it on the other side of this. What you can do with extra time

I n today’s current business situation, there are lots of changes happening. Fortunately, our industry is considered essential and work is currently continuing, at least from a construction standpoint. I know architects aren’t seeing clients move forward with projects that were slated to move forward in 2020. Although the situation is changing day by day (hour by hour, even!), our industry remains cautiously optimistic.

Lindsay Young

Now that you likely have a little more time on your hands, there are some things you can do for your business that won’t cost you much money. There’s no better opportunity to get these knocked out than in the upcoming weeks. 1)Update your company handbook. Many companies have handbooks that were written years ago and haven’t been touched since. Keeping your employee handbook updated is important for retaining and recruiting talent. Review your handbook to make sure it includes your latest benefit package and company guidelines. Social media guidelines should be included in your company handbook, too. Employees need to be informed of what the policies are and what they will

be moving forward. It’s a good time to write about a working from home/telecommunicating policy. You’ll want to include security and IT information in the handbook, too. Take a few hours to review it with your team. 2)Update marketing materials. Has it been awhile since you’ve updated firm information, employee bios, and boilerplate content? Now is the time to revisit it. This would also include your content on your website. Updating information and rewriting content to tell stories helps to communicate your company message more effectively. If you aren’t familiar with Story Brand by Donald Miller, check it

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