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ON THE MOVE WOMEN EMPLOYEES AT LACO FORGE AHEAD WITH PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS Geology Department Manager Christine Manhart has assumed the added responsibilities of company principal, leading a list of recent achievements announced by LACO Associates President Mike Nelson. Manhart became an owner in 2019 and recently earned certification as a hydrogeologist. To gain licensure, hydrogeology candidates must complete three years of related services and pass a rigorous certification exam. “As the state of California has made groundwater a higher priority, having a Hydrogeologist on staff is important to LACO’s mission of serving our communities,” Nelson said. “We’re fortunate to have Christine Manhart on staff, both in this role and as a principal.” “The ever-increasing reliance on groundwater as a resource requires the input of hydrogeologists to help ensure the public always has access to a safe and secure drinking water supply,” Manhart said. “I want to help people use this resource in a way that is compatible with its availability and competing uses.” Manhart’s accomplishment, along with those of her female peers, is one the firm considers a valuable step forward in recognizing women in the industry. Following industry advisor, Zweig Group’s recent launch of the Elevate the Industry and ElevateHer movements, LACO has stepped up to take on the challenge to embrace, promote, and fortify the path for equal opportunities.

“I think this is what ElevateHer is about. Recognizing achievements, shining the spotlight – it’s so deserved. We’re helping elevate the industry by elevating her – otherwise the industry never will,” said Marketing Designer Jessica Carenco. Other recent accomplishments by LACO women include: ❚ ❚ Vanessa Davis, Eureka office, has earned professional geologist status. Davis recently passed the Practice of Geology and California Specific examinations, earning her full licensure from the Association of State Boards of Geology. Vanessa has been with LACO since 2016. ❚ ❚ Kelsey McLaughlin, Ukiah office, has passed the ASBOG Professional Geologist examination. She can achieve full licensure by passing the California Specific examination in the fall. LACO Associates is a multidisciplinary engineering consulting firm with offices in Eureka, Ukiah, Santa Rosa, Chico, and Fort Bragg. LACO provides integrated solutions for development, infrastructure, and geo- environmental projects to advance the quality of life for generations to come. DMW HIRES NEW VICE PRESIDENT, PAUL CAVANAUGH During 2020, Daft-McCune- Walker, Inc. will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary in the land development industry. To kick-off the 50th year, DMW announced Paul Cavanaugh joined the company as the newest member of the DMW leadership team. “Paul is an outstanding addition to DMW and brings a wealth of experience and expertise

to our company. We are more than thrilled to have him be a part of our team,” said President Lisa Gobrecht. Cavanaugh brings unique strategic and operational experience in civil engineering, land development, and construction including strong understanding of governmental regulations and protocols from his previous experiences as owner, client representative, and consultant. “I am delighted to be a part of DMW leadership where I can contribute to a company known for their long history and outstanding reputation,” says Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh has a reputation for building strong production and engineering teams. He is known for his ability to inspire and mentor new staff. “This philosophy and approach are aligned perfectly with our culture and values at DMW,” says Gobrecht. The last 50 years have been incredible journey. Throughout the year, DMW will be featuring a distinct anniversary logo, flashbacks to notable projects, and a celebration to say thank you to those who helped DMW grow. DMW strives to continue to be a trusted partner for clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and prove time and again the firm’s knowledge and expertise take projects from concepts to successful completion. Headquartered in Baltimore, DMW offers superior service, proven technical capabilities, extensive experience, valuable connections, innovative solutions, and a promise to exceed client expectations.

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be). It’s good to really look closely at your business and where you want it to go. Take time to brainstorm and write things down. When everything is stuck in your head, it’s hard to organize it. If you write it down, you can analyze and reflect more clearly. 5)Call your clients. Now is a great time to reach out to current and past clients. Check in and see how they are doing and what’s going on in their business. Find out if there is anything you can to do help. Your clients are experiencing and feeling many of the same things you are, so maintaining that connection strengthens your relationship with your clients. Lead with empathy when you talk to them. Give them grace and be kind. Seems pretty simple, but those three things go a long way with others. Business will be much different when we all get through the next couple months. I wish I could tell you what that looks like, but I can’t. I don’t think anyone can. Take this extra time to invest in yourself and your business. Most of the things I’ve discussed above take very little money. Just your time. You’ll be stronger and better for it on the other side of this. LINDSAY YOUNG is president and founder of nu marketing. She can be reached at

out. It’s a great read and talks about how you can tailor your marketing message to your clients through your marketing collateral. 3)Read. Personal development is important regardless of what’s going on in the world. Making yourself a better leader, manager, architect, engineer, or contractor helps you in all aspects of your life – professional and personal. It’s always a good time to read those books that have been sitting on your shelf or on your Audible wish list. Be a lifelong learner! “Although the situation is changing day by day (hour by hour, even!), our industry remains cautiously optimistic.” 4)Reflect. This one is hard even for me. Take time to reflect on your business. Analyze what has worked and what hasn’t worked. Look at your business goals and see how they’re going to change in the next six or 12 months, because more than likely they are going to change. No one knows what’s going to happen in the foreseeable future, but we must be as prepared as we can with the “new” normal (whatever that may

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