MP Lemieux “proud to end ineffective long-gun registry”

transferred fromone level of government to

still need to obtain a valid firearms licence if

targets law abiding Canadian gun owners,



they plan to purchase or possess firearms

including farmers who live in our riding.”

has committed to ending the long gun

and topurchase ammunition. Theywill also

He said that if a crime is committed with a


still be required to undergo background

registered long gun, it is clear that the

Glengarry-Prescott-Russell MP Pierre

AuditorGeneral SheilaFraser, inher2006

checks, passa firearms safetytrainingcourse

registry did nothing to prevent that crime –

Lemieux has reasserted his support for the

report, highlightedthat the longgunregistry

and comply with firearms safe storage and

and that if a crime is committedwith a non-

federal government bill that will scrap the

is ineffective at reducing crime. In addition,

transportation requirements. Firearms

registered long gun, that the registry did

long-gun registry.

inapolice surveyconductedbyexperienced

owners will still be required to register

nothing to prevent that crime either.

“The people of my riding, particularly

police officer Randy Kuntz in Edmonton,

firearms such as handguns.

Lemieux also pointed out that criminals

farmers, have toldme of the need to end this

2,400 out of 2,600 front line police officers

Lemieux concluded: “Our federal

do not register their guns and therefore it is

wasteful and ineffective registry, because it

(over 90 per cent) responded that the long

government is focused on passing laws that

law-abiding Canadians who must register

targets them and treats them as if they were


actually fight crime, that keep firearms out

their guns and who are threatened with

criminals. I am very glad that we are

crime and that the long gun registry should

of the hands of criminals and that protect

criminal charges if for some reason they

abolishing the registry and are instead

end. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation

victims. The Long Gun Registry does none

miss an administrative deadline.

focussing real measures that fight crime,”

has calculated that it costs taxpayers more

of these.” Instead of the long-gun registry,

“The federal government does not want

said Lemieux.


the government is investing in a number of

to share the gun registry data with the

“The Long Gun Registry does not stop

to be enforced at all levels of government.


provinces because this would not be the

crime, it does not prevent crime and it does

Once the Ending the Long-Gun Registry


end of the gun registry; it would simply be

not crackdownon crime. Instead, it unfairly

Act ispassed,long-gunownerswillnolonger

crime, introducing mandatory minimum

be required to register their hunting rifles

penalties for serious gun crimes and

and shotguns. Gun owners, however, will

combating gun smuggling.

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Photo Pierre Lemieux

Pierre Lemieux and his son, Michael, at a recent gun show in Vankleek Hill.


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Jeu. 24 nov. / Thurs. Nov. 24 16 h 45 Illumination des décorations de Noël / Lighting of all Christmas decorations 4:45 PM 17 h - 19 h : Souper spaghetti dinner (Complex JR Brisson) 5 - 7 PM 18 h - 19 h 30 : Patin Disco Skating (Complex JR Brisson) 6 - 7:30 PM Ven. 25 nov. / Fri. Nov. 25 16 h - 21 h : Marché de Noël / Christmas Market 4 PM - 9 PM 17 h 45 - 19 h 30 : Cinéma extérieur‘‘Père Noël 3’’ /‘‘Père Noël 3’’Outdoor Cinema 5:45 - 7:30 PM 19 h 30 : Rock & Bowl / Casselman Bowling 7:30 PM 19 h 30 - 23 h : Danse des ados salle Chevaliers de Colomb 7:30 - 11 PM 20 h : Spectacle Richard Abel Concert 8 PM Sam. 26 nov. / Sat. Nov. 26 Bière sous le chapiteau toute la journée / Beer under BigTent all day. 8 h - 16 h: Hockey de rue / Street Hockey 8 AM - 4PM 10 h - 16 h : Maquillage (sous le chapiteau) / Face Painting (under BigTent) 10 AM - 4 PM 11 h - 21 h : Marché de Noël / Christmas Market 11 AM - 9 PM 12 h - 21 h :Tournoi de quilles / BowlingTournament 12 PM - 9 PM 12 h-19 h Feu de joie / Camp fire 12 - 7 PM 18 h - 20 h :Vin et fromage /Wine & Cheese (billets vendus / tickets sold) 6 - 8 PM 20 h - 24 h : Dansemobile NRJ - années 80 / DanceMobile NRJ - 80’s - 8 PM - 12 AM Dim. 27 nov. / Sun. Nov. 27 9 h 30 - 12 h 30 : Brunch Complexe JR Brisson 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM 10 h 30 : Messe / Mass 10:30 AM

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• Venez visiter nos belles vitrines de Noël dessinées par nos artistes de 11 e et 12 e années et CTC sous le programme de Valoris • Come and see our beautiful Christmas Windows drawn by our grade 11 & 12 and CTC artists under the Valoris Program.

11 h - 14 h :Tours de calèche / Horse & Buggy Rides 11 AM - 2 PM 11 h - 18 h : Marché de Noël / Christmas Market 11 AM - 6 PM 13 h - 15 h : Atelier du Père Noël / Santa ClausWorkshop 1 - 3 PM 14 h : Chorale de Noël / Christmas Choir 2 PM 17 h : Parade de Noël / Santa Claus Parade 5 PM 18 h 30 :Visite du père Noël /Visit with Santa Claus 6:30 PM

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