need to end this wasteful and ineffective

We all have a voice.

registry, because it targets them and treats

Of course, “voice” in the literal context

themas if theywere criminals. I amvery glad

is becoming amisnomer since in thiswired

that we are abolishing the registry and are

world, “voice”comes inthe formofvarious

instead focussing real measures that fight

media, many of which are not based on

crime,” said Lemieux. (His speech is on his

vocal expression.

web page.)

Most peopleusedoo-dads tomake their

“The Long Gun Registry does not stop

“voices” heard these days.

crime, it does not prevent crime and it does

In fact, in many quarters, the long,

not crack down on crime. Instead, it unfairly

Making your voices heard

drawn-out, long-winded conversation

targets law-abiding Canadian gun owners,

seems to be going the way of the dial-up

including farmers who live in our riding.”

Russell MP Pierre Lemieux and other

service. A gabber confessed the other day,

community participation, barriers to

He explained that if a crime is committed

federal Conservatives lately.

“Iwas havingayukfestwitha friendon the

participation, and to voice your opinions,

with a registered long gun, it is clear that the

When theHouseofCommons resumed,

old-fashioned phone the other day and

lifeexperiencesand ideas. Your community

registry did nothing to prevent that crime –

the new Strong, Stable, National

after 15 minutes, I was hoarse. I was not


and that if a crime is committed with a non-


used to talking so long non-stop. Use it or

survey to be distributed to over 10,000 rural

registered long gun, that the registry did

fast-tracking all those items that the Tories

lose it, eh?”

citizens in Ontario.

nothing to prevent that crime either.

could not get passed when it was forced to

Your inner voicemay be telling you that

The thing is, if you want to participate in

Lemieuxalsopointedout that criminalsdo

deal with those annoying opposition

you ought to call that long-lost relative,

person, you will have to do some driving.

not register their guns and therefore it is law-


once you’ve downloaded the webinar on

The closest meeting to the Far East is

abiding Canadians who must register their

Perfect Pierre’s smile is even brighter

howtore-connectwithsignificant yet often

being held in Perth November 29. That is a

guns and who are threatened with criminal

thesedaysbecausePrimeMinister Stephen

overlooked members of your family.

bit of a jaunt but Perth is a great place, to

charges if for some reason they miss an

Harper knowshe canshowhis true colours

Of course, the sound of voices, when


administrative deadline.

for at least the next ten years.

you are alone, may be an indication that


OK, so do you have a problem with that?

We will have more prisons, fewer

you have spent too much time in front of

now have some form of link to the


restrictions on guns and the “Royal” will

that terminal. Ease off the mouse, back

informationhighway,we canparticipate by

return to the names of our navy and air

that for the foreseeable future, the

away fromthat keyboardfora fewminutes.

visiting the RVN web site.

force. Unions can expect to see more back-

Conservatives will be able to do whatever

Stretch, breathe through the nose.

Anyway, theRuralVoicesNetwork is for


they want. It is similar to the era when the

OK, when you return to your regular

rural citizens — whether you’re a small

status of our nation will become more

Liberals (remember them?) ran the show in





business owner, long-standing resident or a

blurred. Based on recent appointments,

Ottawa as if theywere indeed (remember this

newcomer, a member of a local charity, or

federal judges and senior bureaucrats are

old tag?) the natural governing party. Then,

That is the site for the Rural Voices

someonewhowants togetmore involved in

no longer required to speak the langue de

like now, the rulers faced no effective

Network, an initiative launched by the

your community.


opponents. TheNewDemocratswill not get a

Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario.

“We all share something in common.We

Youmaynot behappywith these strong


The FWIO wants you to know about a


and stable developments, but remember

will choose their head only in 2013. That will

series of public forums being held to

public participation. The Rural Voices

that the people spoke in the last federal

giveHarper’s skilledpropagandists plenty of

examine what enables rural citizens to

Network is driven by the mandate to give

election and the people elected a majority

time to prepare another series of attack ads,

participate in the common life of their

rural citizens a space to have their voices

Conservative government.

blasting the opposition leaders with a well-


heard, and to collaborate with non-profit

And, Lemieux is the voice of farmers

stocked, well-financed arsenal.

civic engagement. “There is ahugevalue in

organizations and leaders in all levels of

and hunters, and hard-working, law-

These are sombre times for those who did

building a bridge of communication

governance,” reads the press release.

abiding people.

not support the party that is providing Strong


“Collaborate” and “communities” have

That iswhyhe is soproud to reassert his

And Stable Government.

andmunicipal leadersof everycommunity

such a wonderful ring to them when they

support for the federal government bill

The 22nd anniversary of the École


are used together, eh?

that will finally end the long-gun registry

Polytechniquemassacre inMontréal is on the

Project Manager.

Speakingof joyful sounds, youmayhave

implemented by the previous Liberal

horizon.Asmanyprepare tocelebrate theend

The “Let Your Voice Be Heard” Public

heard a chorus of “Alleluia!” emanating

government. ”The people of my riding,

of the long gun registry, one can also hear the

Forums strive to have conversations about

from the offices of Glengarry-Prescott-

particularly farmers, have told me of the

voices of despair.

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