Season extended

Santa Claus

at Jardin des Pionniers


given the downtown site a more agrarian


feel. “This is a start. It will take some time

December 3

before it takes off,” says Portelance.

This year’s work was the first step in a

Although gardening season has ended,

four-year program to give new life to the

the season of the Jardin des Pionniers in


space under a theme of “La ferme et les

Hawkesbury is being extended until the


end of the year.

The townhas ratified a suggestion to rent

There will be an extra special glow in

New SQ station

kiosques at the Place des Pionniers park on

Hawkesbury the night of Saturday,

Main Street on a long-term basis. The

December 3 when Santa Claus returns to




packages will encourage vendors to rent

Preparations for the annual parade have

space for longer periods, notes Councillor

begun with the deadline for entries being 4

Johanne Portelance.

p.m. November 24. An organizational

A new $4.9 million, state-of-the-art

Under the newfee structure drawnupby

meeting for participants will be held

Sûreté du Québec MRC d’Argenteuil

promoters Dominique Carrière and David

November 29 at 7 p.m., in the community

station in Lachute was inaugurated last

Huard, a space measuring seven feet by

hall of the Robert Hartley Sports Complex.


seven feetwill cost $800 forone season, from

For more information, call 613-636-2082

The new headquarters will consolidate

May to August, and $1,250 for two seasons,

or 613-632-0106, extension 2255. The parade

all operations under one roof. Before the

fromMay to December. The cost is $95 for a

begins at 7 p.m. at the town hall. Leaving

Two extra jobs

move to the new facilities, staff and officers

week and $295 for a month. The largest

Higginson Street, the procession will travel


kiosque canbe reservedat acost of $4,000 for

west to JamesStreet; proceednorthon James

main street, noted detachment commander

two seasons, and $2,500 for one season.

toMainStreet, andheadeast onMainbefore

Patrick Després. Argenteuil MRC warden,

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has

Already, a baker and pastry maker has

ending at Abbott Street. The Hawkesbury



expressed interest in the May-December

recreation and cultural services department

that thenewstation is anasset for the region.

M.P.P. Grant Crack has been appointed


and the Downtown Business Improvement

The station, located on Béthany Street, is the

parliamentary assistant to Ted McMeekin,

Comments have been favourable since

Area Commission are organizing the event.

result of years of work and will improve

Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural

the Place des Pionnierswas rejuvenated this

As usual, prizes will be awarded to the best

public safety and access to services, said


summer by Carrière and Huard who have

decorated and most spirited entries.


Responsible for Francophone Affairs.

Résidence St-Isidore Connue maintenant sous le nom de

c’est garanti. † d’ici la veille du jour de l’An, Soyez en santé pour les Fêtes. PERDEZ jusqu’à 24 lb

Le Manoir Calédonia NOUVELLE ADMINISTRATION (En rénovation)

et 12 tailles de vêtements * Kim a perdu 39 livres

et est passé d’une taille de pantalon 48 à une taille 36* Doug a perdu 93 livres


DE VRAIS ALIMENTS CONSEILLERS PERSONNELS PRODUITS NATURELS Un système bien pensé pour une perte de poids qui dure : 250, rue Main Est, Hawkesbury, ON Tél. : 613 632-9282

Propriétaire : Jacques Chatelain 1 613 524-5583 |

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Plat à gratin, sans couvercle, 24 cm/9 po. 116 $. ÉCONOMISEZ 74 %!

29,99 $


Moules à cuisson originaux. Fabriqués en acier durable et

Sauteuse de 3 litres, couvercle et pocheuse pour 6 œufs. 149,99 $.

dotés d’un revêtement antiadhésif composé de deux couches de

silicone. Prix à partir de 4,99 $.

49,99 $



Poêle Everyday de 28 cm/11 po, couvercle en verre trempé, revêtement antiadhésif, exempte de PFTE et de PFOA. 159,99 $.

Jeu de 6 couteaux et 6 fourchettes à bifteck. 99,99 $.

59,99 $ 29,99 $ DU 16 AU 20 NOVEMBRE SEULEMENT CHEZ

VANKLEEK HILL Vankleek Hill Home Hardware 17 Main St. (613) 678-2012

249,99 $ ÉCONOMISEZ 500 $! Notre batterie Commercial de 11 pièces est fabriquée en acier inoxydable 18/10. Elle est compatible avec les cuisinières à induction. Le tampon intégré dans le fond des casseroles assure une cuisson efficace. Comprend deux casseroles de 1,5 et 2 litres, une casserole de 4 litres avec poignée d’appoint, une cocotte de 3 litres, une cuisinière de 5 litres, une poêle en acier inoxydable de 24 cm et 5 couvercles. Prix courant : 749 $.


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