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Setting out our successes so far does not mean that we are complacent. Far from it. We know that there is still work to do. We will, for example, be monitoring the plans we’ve put in place to ensure that CIS repayment arrangements work better this year. We’ll continue to work on HMRC’s service standards and also focus on the move to new online services for agents, including the migration from the Government Gateway. The results of the Joint Initiative show what can be achieved through HMRC senior managers and representatives of the professional bodies working together with trust, dedication and commitment on both sides. Paul Aplin of ICAEW said ’The changes to the P35 process resulted in significantly fewer employers facing penalties, the publication of call centre statistics increased transparency and extra call centre resource was allocated as a result. We are now working on improvements to CIS repayment turnaround and looking at new service standards. The project has delivered some real results on service delivery, but we still have much to do (and the enthusiasm to do it)’.

Follow this link for further information on the Joint Initiative on HMRC Service Delivery

HMRC stakeholder update

14 April 2014

HMRC has circulated their fourteenth weekly update for 2014 to stakeholders, which looks to provide informal highlights as a result of listening to employer feedback and working in partnership with stakeholders.

Real Time Information:

1. Final 2013-14 submissions

Employers reporting PAYE information in real time don't need to send forms P35 and P14 at the end of this tax year. Instead, just send the real time PAYE submission as normal and answer a few extra questions. It is very easy to do. This step-by-step guide shows you how: Making your final submission for the 2013-14 tax year

HMRC has also produced:

 a flowchart: Making your final submission of the year flowchart

 a 3-step guide on YouTube: HMRC on YouTube to help employers with their final 2013-14 PAYE submission

Employers who need to make corrections to 2013-14 submissions should do so as follows:

2. Correcting Full Payment Submissions (FPS)

 Up to and including 19 April 2014 employers can continue to make corrections by sending a new 2013-14 FPS. Employers can send more than one FPS to make corrections up to that date, if needed. Employers can do this even if they have already made their final submission for 2013-14. For full guidance go to the Correcting payroll errors - current year webpage.

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