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they have not recruited an apprentice in the last 12 months and have less than 1,000 employees. Businesses can currently receive up to 10 grants in total; each one is worth £1,500.

Please note that new eligibility rules for the grant will be in place for apprentices starting after December 2014. There is more information here

More than 700 employers added to trailblazer apprenticeships scheme

30 October 2014

Job opportunities in policing, boatbuilding, TV production and surveying are among 76 top quality new apprenticeships being designed by more than 700 employers as part of the third phase of the government’s successful apprenticeship trailblazers scheme. The announcement from the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) confirms that more than 700 employers are to design 76 new apprenticeships in professions ranging from TV production to welding. This brings to more than a thousand the number of employers now involved in the trailblazers scheme.

Almost two million apprenticeships since 2010

17 November 2014

The Government has confirmed that the number of people starting apprenticeships has doubled in the past four years, with the two millionth new apprenticeship in England since 2010 imminent. The announcement by the Deputy Prime Minister also confirms that a national database of post-16 skills and employer-led courses and opportunities in England, similar to the UCAS system, will be in place at the beginning of the next school year in September 2015. CIPP comment Readers may wish to use this news as a prompt to take a fresh look at the opportunities available through the CIPP payroll apprenticeship scheme .

Employer survey of apprenticeships

19 December 2014

A Government survey of over 4,000 employers of apprentices shows that most view the experience positively. At the same time the survey reveals a significant incidence of apprentices paid below the appropriate minimum wage.

This research monitors the extent to which apprenticeships are meeting the needs of employers. It also identifies aspects of the programme that are under-performing.

Most employers are satisfied with apprenticeships and see a positive impact on their business from having apprentices.

However the survey also found that around one in seven (14 per cent) apprentices are not receiving the minimum wage they are entitled to, despite the fact that the rates for apprentices are already substantially lower than the main adult rate.

Apprentices aged 16 to 18 years old were more likely to be underpaid, with 24 per cent receiving lower pay than their legal entitlement, according to the survey.

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