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Sectors where more young women tend to work have higher rates of underpayment, including 42 per cent in hairdressing who are paid less than the minimum wage and 26 per cent in childcare.

Apprenticeship funding reform in England payment mechanisms and funding principles

15 January 2015

The Government’s response to this consultation confirms that further detailed design work is needed before there can be a final decision on how the funding reforms will work in practice.

This consultation asked for views on how the Government will issue funding for apprenticeships through employers. The response outlines, that while putting employers in control of apprenticeship funding is a non-negotiable part of the reforms, it is clear from the feedback received that further detailed design work is needed before there can be a final decision on how this would work in practice. The government is committed to delivering a simple, effective funding process which works for employers of all sizes and further collaboration with the sector will take place to ensure this is achieved. In May 2014 the CIPP published their response to the Apprenticeship funding reform technical consultation. Findings from the online survey we conducted showed that the majority of CIPP members and the payroll profession as a whole did not support the PAYE model proposal. In our response we recommended that BIS dismiss the PAYE model as a solution and instead invest in a direct credit model or alternative that does not require the use of a payroll system, and that should the government decide on the PAYE model, BIS and HMRC work with the CIPP and its members to design an automated model. CIPP comment

The Policy Team will continue to be involved in consultation and will keep the payroll profession updated accordingly.

Apprenticeship vacancies up by almost a third

28 January 2015

The number of apprenticeship vacancies hits a high as the nation’s employers back a new generation of workers.

Recent data from the Skills Funding Agency reveals a 28% increase in apprenticeship vacancies posted online on the apprenticeship vacancies website between August and October 2014 (academic year Q1 2014 to 2015) compared to the same period the previous year.

46,920 vacancies were advertised over the 3 months versus 36,690 in 2013 to 2014. This is in addition to thousands more opportunities offered by employers to young people directly.

There were noticeable rises in the number of apprenticeship vacancies within the vital STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) fields. Apprenticeship vacancies advertised online in Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies and Information and Communication Technology both recorded a 23% increase on the same period last year.

Skills Minister Nick Boles said:

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