The Newsletter Pro November 2018

How Lauren Robblee Makes EVERYONE Feel Welcome BETTER THAN BEFORE

There’s a reason Lauren Robblee transitioned from appointment setter to The Newsletter Pro’s office coordinator earlier this year. It is rare to find someone with the ability to make people feel instantly welcome, and this happens to be Lauren’s superpower.

Lauren is also the woman you want on special projects that create office culture, like scheduling food truck visits or planning the big company Christmas party. Everything is a bit more fun with Lauren on the case. And it’s not just The Newsletter Pro that reaps the benefits of her talents; Lauren spends her free time doing volunteer work with Autism Society Treasure Valley. “I started volunteering at ASTV five years ago,” Lauren says. “Recently, they asked me to become a board member, an honor I was happy to accept. Ever since my cousin’s son Tyler was diagnosed with severe autism 15 years ago, our family has worked hard to take care of him at home, where he’s loved. My son Jonah has also been diagnosed with autism and ADHD, though his case is far less severe than Tyler’s. These circumstances can be challenging when going out to public events where people are not as kind or understanding of people with special needs.

“Autistic kids can miss out on fun experiences because they are seen as distracting. Early on, I got involved with ASTV’s Rally for Autism, a car show and motorcycle ride, and their annual Christmas party, because I wanted to make sure these events were being done right. It’s so important for people on the autism spectrum and their family members to have a fun place where they feel respected and understood. Social experiences and being around the same type of people helps build confidence, and I love being part of an organization that brings so much joy.” Having a heart of gold isn’t necessarily a requirement for working at The Newsletter Pro, but Lauren Robblee is a great example of the good that comes from helping everyone feel more welcome and accepted just as they are.

Whether you reach out by phone or you walk in the front door, chances are that Lauren’s happy voice will greet you. Even the briefest conversations with Lauren are guaranteed to brighten your day. Her warm personality is why everyone in the office feels comfortable going to her with any problem, from broken locks in the bathroom to a coffee- creamer emergency.



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