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June 2019

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Why I’m Grateful for My Dad and My Husband A Father’s Influence

A s my parents’ middle child, I found I could “hide” from family responsibilities on occasion. But when it came to home renovations, no one was forgotten. Growing up with a dad who was a bit of a renaissance man meant getting hands-on experience with home improvement projects. Our 1920s house required some updating, and we would go from room to room and find ways to improve that particular space. Throughout our home’s cosmetic renaissance, we learned to place and remove wallpaper, paint, tile, and repair plaster. My dad, known as Papa to his grandkids, spearheaded our family’s renovation operations. As a surgeon, my dad’s renovations were very well- planned and well-executed, from initial planning to cleanup, much like he would approach a tumor removal process in the OR, I suppose. He never shied away from digging into home renovations or developments. I have always appreciated his independent steadiness as a daughter. His steadiness allowed each of us to experience life’s journeys on our own accord, always knowing that he would be there with a strong hand to catch us if we fell. (Thanks, Dad!) I feel blessed to be able to carry on one of my dad’s summertime traditions of growing a garden. It was filled with just about every kind of produce you could imagine, including zucchini, carrots, radishes, corn, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Since my husband, Jolon, and I have become parents, we’ve taught our children how to cultivate our modest garden. We begin each spring by planning out our garden architecture, shopping for plants together, and getting our fingers dirty with the planting. We spend the rest of the summer reaping the delicious benefits of our teamwork! Jolon and I have always been teammates when it comes to parenting our two kids. Because we are both professionals, we have to work hard at coordinating family

time. Before our kids were of school age, we would split our work days in half. We were very blessed to be in circumstances during this time that allowed for such freedom. While I was seeing patients in the morning, Jolon was home with our kids, and then we would switch. The next day, we would flip our shifts. Jolon embodies the modern father: He shares in tackling daily household tasks and manages after-school schedules. I love that he does this readily and in his own “dad” way. If I find myself away on a business trip and someone asks if he is babysitting for the weekend, he will readily respond, “Nope, I get to be Dad.” I feel incredibly blessed to have my dad and Jolon in my family. My children are being raised with strong and loving male role models. Dad, ever the logical and wise man, provides my kids with calm and honest support. (Of course, he can be quite the jokester, too!) Meanwhile, Jolon perfectly straddles the line between a fun dad and a firm dad. I’m so thankful for both of these men and what they bring to our family’s table.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Father’s Day!

God bless,

–Dr. Jessica Sabo



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