Nursing and Midwifery Research Annual Report 2021


The Nursing and Midwifery Research Annual Report 2021 underpins and supports our NSLHD 2017-2022 strategic priorities. Nurses and midwives are actively involved in research and practice development activities in striving to improve the quality, safety and outcomes for people requiring care within our services. Some examples of projects and/or research studies that address these priorities are listed below.

• Ammit M, Miles N. Nurse-led alcohol clinic: Increasing access to drug and alcohol treatment. • Hammond N. Health related quality of life in septic shock patients at six months: Effect of steroid therapy and underlying illness severity. • Garrett G. An exploration of the nature and experience of female sexuality following spinal cord injury.

Healthy Communities Prevention, early intervention and community development strategies will improve health outcomes

Connected Person-Centred Care People have a good experience of care, which meets their health needs, in partnership with multiple care providers

• Elliott R, Fry M, Salter R. Reducing medication administration errors using the behaviour change wheel: The ReMAdE project. • Baird K, Fry M, McAloon J. Evidence-based, trauma-focused psychological treatment interventions scoping review. • Fry M, Elliott R, Murphy S, Curtis K. The role and contribution of family carers accompanying community-living older people with cognitive impairment to the emergency department: An interview study.

• Elliott R, Fry M. Psychological capital, wellbeing, and patient safety attitudes of nurses and midwives: A cross‐sectional survey. • Fry M, Elliott R, Fitzpatrick L, Warton J, Curtis K. Measuring nurses’ perceptions of their work environment and linking with behaviour change theories and implementation strategies to support evidence based practice change. • Sheppard-Law S, Fry M, Roche M, Debono D, Doab A. Measuring the impact of COVID-19 on nursing practice and wellbeing.

Evidence-Based Decision Making Decisions are made on the basis of best available information and a philosophy of continuous improvement


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