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How I Met My Wife, Emily, When We Were Only 16

T hough in recent years Valentine’s Day usually revolves around our kids, I still take every opportunity I can to reflect on just how lucky I am to have Emily in my life. I feel especially grateful that she’s been with me through virtually every moment of our adult lives — our story is particularly unusual in that it begins when we were only 16 years old. Years ago when I was a junior in high school, a girl I knew only vaguely sat behind me in second-semester geometry. Our names were next to each other in the alphabet, and it just so happened that was how the teacher chose to organize their classroom. Over the next few months, she and I got to talking, often covertly in the middle of the lesson. I felt like we hit it off almost immediately, speaking with an ease that I’d say is pretty uncommon in those awkward adolescent years. Of course, we had a similar group of friends and interests too, so we started seeing each other around and outside of school here and there. As you can imagine, our initial friendship developed into a pretty intense crush over those few months. For a while, I tried to gauge her interest in me as high schoolers always do. I was very lucky that while I was too chicken to ask her out, Emily stepped up and asked me out first!

So on March 4, we started a relationship that would carry us all the way to 2018 and beyond. We went off to college together, with her studying Early Childhood Education and me studying

Physical Therapy. After, she worked as a teacher while I continued my studies. Though both of us were deeply driven, but it’s difficult to say what made it work from so early on. It’s simplest to say that we just clicked. As the years passed, and we grew up side by side, we weathered changes and shared many incredible moments. There’s absolutely nobody on the planet that I know on such a meaningful level, and there’s definitely nobody that understands me the way she does. It’s funny, I don’t think about it all that often, but it’s pretty amazing that we never had to make any concerted effort to combine our two lives — they were closely aligned from almost the start. I can’t imagine having anybody else as my Valentine for all these years, sharing our struggles and triumphs and becoming stronger for it. On every level, we’re better when we’re together.

These days, Valentine’s Day is usually spent with our 13- and 15-year-olds, baking a homemade, heart-shaped pizza. It’s been a tradition the kids, even in their teens, absolutely love. It’s hilarious that they find it really exciting and difficult for some reason, as if it’s a highly technical task. It’s a lot of fun, but it always gets me thinking about this incredible family that Emily and I have managed to build together. If you had told me when she walked into my geometry class that we’d be spending the rest of lives together, I’m not sure I would have believed you. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. -Luke Kron, PT Managing Partne



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