Waldegrave School Autumn Magazine 2022


“I really enjoyed my day at Thames Young Mariners, it was a rare opportunity to get muddy and wet! I especially enjoyed kayaking as we played fun games and improved our technique. The raft building helped me get to know my teammates as well as the dry activities. I would definitely go again!” -Oliva P. 7POR

“I really enjoyed my trip to Thames Young Mariners because it was really fun and I made lots of new friends.” - Matilde R.F. 7FCO

“My favourite activity was the raft building. I really enjoyed it as I managed to get into the water and swim after the ball! We had an amazing day overall and I would definitely recommend going there.” - Emilie D. 7EMA

“Thames young mariners was a great experience starting off an amazing year at Waldegrave. I had a fabulous time and formed some new friendships. The activities were super fun and enjoyable” - Juliette F-S. 7EFR

“Thames Young Mariners was an educational and positive experience. The instructors made sure everyone in the group understood the safety rules and were all prepared for the fun activities. Overall, Thames Young mariners was a PHENOMENAL experience.” - Tamira R. 7SGR


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