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My 2020 Vision

An Ambitious Plan for the New Year

I haven’t had 20/20 vision since I was 10 years old, but I certainly have a vision for my 2020 year. It’s an ambitious plan, and to be honest, it keeps me awake some nights. But I’m excited to get started! First, the firm will grow from seven to nine people strong in 2020. Our goal is to eventually handle all the legal needs an injured person could have that have arisen from their injuries. So, instead of just handling an injury case where our client was hurt because of someone else’s negligence (car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, etc.), we will be expanding our services in 2020 to help injured clients in other related areas such as workers’ compensation and Social Security disability claims. These are both areas of law that often stem from the accident work we currently handle, so we are thrilled to be able to help in a more complete way. Growing our staff means growing our workspace too. We don’t want to bring in new team members only to have everyone cramped when clients come to meet with them. So, we negotiated a lease for additional office space in our current building. It’s important that everyone has enough room to work and that we’re still conveniently located for our clients. Our location and offices are great; we are less than a mile from downtown Boston and have free on-site parking. I did not want to give that up by moving! In the coming year, we’ll also be expanding our firm’s “KnowTheLawFirst”-based marketing. What this means is that all of our marketing efforts will be driven by one core mission: get the prospective client free information they need to make smart legal

settled more cases for clients than in any other year in our history! We now want to do better. Why? Because I believe if you’re able to help some people, it would be irresponsible not to try to help even more people if you can. We believe we provide our clients with unparalleled service, and when someone needs legal help and they don’t come to us, we have no way of knowing if they got the same quality service we would have given them. By growing our firm like this, we’re able to make sure we’re equipped to help as many people as possible. This is how we make our community a better place. In addition to growing our firm, our resources, and our areas of practice, I also want to grow the Spada Law Scholarship Fund for 2021. Currently, 10 students receive $500 each. Our goal is to increase the award to $1,000 per student. To call my 2020 vision ambitious would be putting it mildly, but I have the utmost confidence in our ability to make it happen. We have a plan and we’re going to attack the new year head on! -Len Spada

decisions. No crazy billboards or TV ads that scream “Call us now blah blah blah!” or “Call #Whatever!” These marketing methods do nothing for a client in search of quality representation. They confuse people and often lead to bad decisions. So, in furtherance of our mission, I will be writing a second book that will be offered free on our website, writing a weekly blog, and producing informative videos in our recently built in-house video studio. All of these resources will be designed to answer the various pressing questions prospective clients have. When an injured person makes better informed legal decisions, everyone benefits. I don’t think someone should have to be a lawyer in order to have a basic understanding of their rights in a certain situation. People don’t always have to call a lawyer if they’re dealing with a legal matter. Many times, when given the correct information, a lot of people can clear up the situation themselves. But when they do need an attorney, we want future clients to know they can trust us right out of the gate. Last year was a very strong year for the firm. We were hired by more new clients and

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