Power PT and Sports Med. October 2018

October 2018

CREATING A HEALTHY COMMUNITY FROM THE BEGINNING TO OUR CURRENT JOURNEY I was an athlete in high school, but when it came time to prepare for college and my future, I knew my talents were better suited to being a spectator than a player. With that dream dashed, the medical field or the business world were the other options on my list. I was attracted to the compassion in helping others that's so central to the medical field, and with my background in sports, I knew I could help other athletes get back to performing at their highest level. So, I started studying physical therapy. Medicine, and since then, with the help of the Power PT team and a trusting clientele, I’ve been able to see my practice grow. The process has been both nerve-wracking and exciting, but as I watch my clients improve with each appointment, I’m reminded of the reason I wanted to get into this field. Originally, I thought I’d be doing more sports therapy, but what I’ve found is that I’m helping more “weekend athletes.” Strained ligaments and torn In September 2011, I opened Power Physical Therapy and Sports

getting to help your own sons progress through injuries and get back to the sports they love. That veil of uncertainty that comes from an injury is common, even among patients I’m not related to. Is physical therapy for me? Will surgery help? How long will recovery take? Do I need medications? What if I choose the wrong thing? There’s this permanency with solutions that can be frightening, but finding the right path to healing is important. Giving yourself time to heal rather than rushing into decisions can only help your body more. And listening to a medical professional you trust is important, too. It’s a lesson my sons have learned, and my patients continue to trust me as I help them and their bodies get back to the activities they enjoy. Thank you for seven wonderful years, and while I never want to see my patients injured, I’m excited to continue to foster a healthy, active community here in Southern California.

muscles are common injuries I see in people who are just living everyday lives trying to follow their passions. I’m so thankful that they trust me enough to help them get back to their hobbies. It’s funny ... now that I have three boys — ages 10, 13, and 15 — who are getting more active and involved in their sports, sometimes I get to act as both the dad and the physical therapist. With a mixture of soccer, flag football, baseball, and track and field, the Nowlin family has experienced their own fair share of injuries. But, believe it or not, my sons have some trouble trusting even their own dad! I get it. When you’re a kid, you think the world of your parents, but you never think of them in their professional lives. This person who tucked you in at bedtime and tells horrible jokes at the dinner table is actually a serious professional? Pffft, yeah right. But with time and repetition, they soon realized that all those years of studying and experience have given me some expertise. Now, they are much more willing to work with me, and it’s a pretty cool experience

–Mark Nowlin

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