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Not only do we share this space with each other, we share it with potential clients, potential investors, and visitors as well. While we believe it is important for you to make your workspace “your own,” the collaborative nature of our office layout makes your desk more visible to others, so please limit your personal belongings and ensure that they are not distracting to anyone else. WG is not responsible for any personal belongings. Here are some tips on common workplace etiquette that will help us settle in. Bottom line: be considerate of others, and leave it better than you found it. Most importantly, we want the WGCIT to be a great place to work. So have fun, collaborate, generate, and innovate!

Conference Room • Turn off TV screen/video

Sound Advice • Please be sensitive to your neighbors and limit your noise levels. • Avoid using speakerphones at your workstations. • Don’t scream across the workspace. Use email, messenger, or walk over to the person you want to speak to. • Please keep cell phones on vibrate. Privacy and Quiet Time • Send the right signals. If you don’t want to be disturbed, please post a sign or put on your headphones. • Don’t loiter. If someone’s busy, especially if they’re on the phone, come back later. • Unless you are asked to, don’t look at other residents’ computer screens. Feedback • If something is broken or out of stock please report it to WG staff immediately. • Please give us your feedback! We want to meet your needs and make sure that the Center is a great place for you to spend your work day.

conferencing equipment (see WG staff for instructions) • Chairs are to be put back neatly around the table • Any food/utensils must be cleared away and disposed of in outer trash bins • No food is to be placed in the conference room trash bins • Table must be wiped down and carpet picked up if necessary Common Areas • If you spill something, please clean it up • No garbage is to be left on the ground. Please be mindful of the area you are using • Wipe down all whiteboards after use • Clean up dishes immediately after use. Please don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink. • Keep track of your personal belongings Shared Air • Please be considerate of others in choosing to eat certain foods at your desk or within the Center space. • Avoid excessive perfumes or

colognes. Some scents may affect the health of coworkers, like those with asthma.

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