Dress Code 2022.2023

- Shoes (not boots) with a closed toe and closed heel: sole of no more than 1” - Legitimate kippah - Eighth Grade only: Blue short- or long-sleeved polo shirt with embroidered Levine Academy logo Non-Compulsory / Optional Items - White short or long-sleeved polo shirt with embroidered Levine Academy logo - Khaki twill long pants or twill shorts - Solid black or white turtleneck or solid black or white t-shirt underneath any shirt - Legitimate kippah OUTERWEAR – Boys and Girls, Grades Kindergarten – Eighth Grade - Black round neck sweatshirt with embroidered Levine Academy logo - Black polar fleece zipped jacket with embroidered Levine Academy logo - Black hooded sweatshirt with embroidered Levine Academy logo - Spirit Wear Sweatshirts* Overcoats are not regulated in the Uniform Policy. They may be purchased anywhere. *Available to order from online store, check email for more information in late July/early August. Kippot: All boys are required to arrive at school with a kippah and wear it at all times except during physical education. It must be a legitimate kippah. Suede, cotton, poly/cotton, knit, velvet, satin, and Bukharian/Yemenite kippot are allowed. Kippot must be kept on the head by way of clip(s), pin(s), or Velcro. Kippot may be purchased anywhere. • Belts: Belts are required for both boys and girls on any item of clothing that has belt loops, which includes all the shorts and pants that are part of our collection. Belts may be purchased anywhere. Kindergarten students are not required to wear a belt. • Socks: Solid black or solid white socks are allowed; no beads or other ornamentation. Socks may be purchased anywhere. • Shoes: Shoes must be a low-cut style with closed toe and closed back: No high tops, platform type soles, or soles with cutouts, lights, or any other type of deviation from a plain sole (any color). Canvas and leather shoes are both acceptable. No (high) heels are allowed. Shoes may be purchased anywhere. No boots are allowed. • Turtlenecks and T-shirts: Solid black or white turtlenecks and solid t-shirts may be purchased anywhere. • Skirts/Jumpers/Skorts: In most cases, moderate length, no shorter than three and a half (3½ inches) inches above the knee. The hem must be the appropriate length in front and back of the legs. Skirts shorter than regulation are not acceptable. Consider growth spurts, if altering skirt length. No waistband rolling is allowed. This applies to jumpers, skirts and skorts worn with leggings. A longer than standard length skirt may be purchased, if desired.  Modesty Shorts, Leggings or Tights: Modesty shorts, leggings or tights may be purchased anywhere and are required under all skirts and jumpers. Opaqu e tights and/or leggings, not ribbed, patterned, or textured, in solid black or white, are allowed. Leggings are allowed to be worn with skirt/uniform skirt, tunic or appropriate length t- shirt. • Shirts: All shirts must be tucked in. • Hair color must be a naturally occurring color, no extreme colors. • No temporary or permanent tattoos may be visible. • No body piercings other than the ears are permitted. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION •

All students are expected to adhere to the Uniform Policy.

If a child’s clothing is not in compliance with the dress code, we will send a letter home that day via email as to avoid embarrassing the student. The letter will include a reminder of the appropriate dress code. On the second offense, the student who does not meet the dress code standards will be asked to change. Students who continually ignore the dress code will receive an appropriate consequence. *** Please label all clothing with your child’s name ***


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