Dress Code 2022.2023

DRESS CODE: Physical Education Boys and Girls, Kindergarten – Eighth Grade - Athletic shoes - Long hair must be tied back - Jewelry is discouraged and is permitted only at the discretion of the Athletic Director Additional Physical Education requirements for Middle School Grades 5-8: - Assigned P.E. Shirt with Levine logo - Black basketball-style shorts or black sweatpants -- No short shorts or leggings. - Changing clothes for P.E. is a requirement. Dollars4Denim Monthly, Student Congress-sponsored charity drive in which K-8 students may donate $1 to the designated charity of the month to wear jeans to school, or $5 for a free dress day.  Clothing should be clean and in good repair.  Shorts must be below the fingertips of extended arms.  Exercise discretion regarding slogans or advertisement on clothing. Any slogan or design, which is suggestive, vulgar, or violent, is not appropriate.  Shirts, which are lightweight and/or “see-through,” are not appropriate.  Shirts showing any part of the midriff, cut-off shirts, tank tops, and muscle shirts may not be worn.  Leggings are allowed to be worn with skirt/uniform skirt, tunic or appropriate length t- shirt.  No pajama bottoms. Spirit Wear Days Spirit Wear Days occur on Rosh Chodesh, the first day of the new Hebrew month--these days are indicated in your school calendar. Spirit Wear is sold through the PA’s Spirit Wear committee.  Spirit Wear Days are not free dress days; if not wearing spirit wear, official uniforms are required.  Spirit Wear is defined as any clothing item (top or bottom) with Levine Academy officially designated on it. Students wearing only top or bottom spirit wear must wear opposite uniform item.  Approved Spirit Wear tops must be worn with approved Spirit Wear bottoms (Black Levine logo athletic shorts), uniform bottoms or jeans.  Leggings are allowed to be worn with skirt, tunic or appropriate length t- shirt. Kehilla Kedosha Days (one Friday each month) and Zimriyah  One Friday a month is designated as Kehilla Kedosha Shabbat and students are to wear their special Kehilla Kedosha T-shirts with jeans or uniform bottoms ( Leggings are allowed to be worn with skirt/uniform skirt, tunic or appropriate length t- shirt. ).  Kehilla Kedosha T-shirts are provided by the school prior to the first event. Lost and Found Each month, lost and found items are sorted and those that are not claimed, after a note has been sent, are given to a worthy charity. Please label all clothing with your child’s name.


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