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A TIME FOR FAMILY Opening a Gift on Christmas Eve


and we’d have a fantastic dinner — without oyster soup —and decorate the tree. However, while my parents were very adamant about getting a real tree each year, I’ve always preferred having an artificial tree that we can string our lights and ornaments on without worrying about pine needles getting everywhere. Since my brothers and I are all grown now, we don’t have Christmas at our parents’ house. But we always take some time beforehand to decide who will host the year’s celebration and make plans to travel to their home. Sometimes travel can be tricky this time of year, but whenever we can, we all make sure we spend Christmas with each other. Last year, we all got together in Kansas City with my brother and his family. All of us had a really fun time; we visited a shopping center plaza that the city decorates with hundreds of lights. This year, my family and I are planning to stick a little closer to home for the holidays. The day after Christmas, we’re changing it up a bit by heading to New York City to spend the day there. I’m hoping we’ll have a chance to do a lot while we’re there, such as see the Rockettes for a holiday performance. We’ve never done something like this for the holidays before, and we’re all pretty excited for this new experience. -Dr. Steven Schulte

Christmas is a time for family and tradition. Every year, my family comes together to celebrate both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with good food, pleasant company, and holiday cheer. When it comes to Christmas traditions, my family always made sure to have a great big Christmas tree that we’d set up in the living room to decorate. We’d all help put up the ornaments and garland, which I wasn’t too thrilled about as a kid. One celebration I always thought of as unique was our small celebration on Christmas Eve. As a kid, my family had oyster soup on Christmas Eve, and all the kids were allowed to open one present. I remember being very excited about opening my one gift among the many that were strewn under the tree’s lower branches, but not so much about the oyster soup. I was never fond of it. The best present I ever opened pre- Christmas was in junior high when my older brother and I unwrapped our first stereo. It was really neat to have, even if we had to share, and it lasted for a long while.




Today, we celebrate Christmas in very much the same way. I continued the tradition with my own kids when they were younger of opening a gift on Christmas Eve,

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