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BEING HONEST WITH YOURSELF The Choices Made to Better Your Health Abraham Lincoln was born Feb. 12, 1809. Throughout his life, Lincoln made positive impacts on the people around him, and his words and actions still inspire many. He led such an honest life that he earned the nickname “Honest Abe.” When it comes to being honest, I believe its value is self-evident. There are a lot of people who aren’t honest with themselves, whether about work, family, or health. The easiest thing to do is make excuses: People invent reasons why they don’t exercise regularly, eat healthy, or make healthy life decisions. What I find discouraging is that people know what they need to do to live a healthy life, they just chose not to . They know they need to eat better but decide instead to eat somewhere fast and easy because they lack the self- discipline to adequately plan their day. It’s easier to grab something on the way home instead of cooking a nutritionally balanced meal in your own kitchen, which is more beneficial to your health.

Am I exercising and stretching?

“When it comes to being honest, I believe its value is self-evident.”

Am I disciplined enough?

One thing that has helped me maintain my goals is writing them down. Research shows that writing down your goals makes you three times more likely to achieve them. If you’re having a hard time sticking with certain targets you set for yourself, getting them down on paper makes them real. The goals become clear, and you’re more likely to accomplish them quickly and with better results. One resource to learn more about goal setting and developing a written out plan is Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner. There’s a Lincoln quote that holds a lot of truth, and I believe it is especially true when it comes to taking care of your health: “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”

I’m not saying I don’t struggle with these choices, too. Since becoming a father, I haven’t been as consistent with my exercise and workout routine as I was in the past. One of my resolutions is to get up at 4:30 every morning and start my day with an early workout. I’ve been doing this for quite a while, even though I’m not a morning person. Having the discipline to get up early has already freed up a lot of time in my daily schedule; plus I feel much better and more productive than I did before.

I believe a lot of people need to ask themselves a few relevant questions:

What am I doing to improve my health?

-Dr. Todd P. Sullivan

Am I eating out, or am I eating healthy?

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FAMILY GAME NIGHT Break the Monotony of Overplayed Board Games! Family game night is a time when a family can forget about all of life’s commitments and bond over a good old-fashioned board game. But the old, tattered Monopoly box or worn-out UNO cards can leave something to be desired, and the classics might be getting a little dull. If you’re tired of playing the same board games over and over, it might be time to start looking for ways to change things up. Here are four tabletop games you might not have heard of that are perfect for spicing up family game night. MYSTERIUM Your family will love delving into this cooperative murder mystery game that is a mixture of Clue and Dixit. You can play as the ghost or as one of the mediums who enters the haunting. The ghost player gives each medium a clue or vision about a potential murderer, and the mediums have to guess which person, room, or weapon was used to murder the ghost player. After each turn, the ghost reveals whether each of the mediums’ guesses are right or not. If all of the mediums succeed in guessing correctly by the seventh in-game hour, they work together to find the true murderer. LASER CHESS A classic game of chess is a great way to spend an evening, and it just got a little more interesting. Laser chess includes all the problem- solving skills a typical chess game offers but with a twist. At the end of each turn, a player fires a small laser beam that bounces off the mirrored chess pieces. If it hits the non-mirrored surface of a piece, that piece is taken by the player. A player wins when the opposing player’s king piece is illuminated. CATAN Welcome to the island of Catan! After a long voyage at sea, the people in your expedition compete against other seafarers in building settlements. Enjoy the 45–90-minute game as you and your family build roads, barter resources, and race for absolute supremacy on Catan. ONE NIGHTWEREWOLF Every night, werewolves prowl around the village, and it’s up to the villagers to find the werewolf once the sun rises — before it’s too late. Each person plays a unique role with different abilities to help find or conceal the werewolf. If the werewolf is caught, the villagers win the game, but if the werewolf manages to escape, the villagers lose. Now you can bring some exciting variety into your family game nights. Don’t miss out on these excellent tabletop games, and most importantly, have fun!


Our Treatment to Relieve the Pain

Everyone will experience a headache at least once in their lifetime. Usually, headaches last for a few minutes to a couple of days and aren’t severe enough to require medical action. However, if the cause of the headaches have a series of underlying effects, more serious and direct medical care is needed. Tension headaches (also called cervicogenic headaches) and migraine headaches are two of the most common conditions we treat here at NOVA Chiropractic & Acupuncture. Either type can be caused by a series of triggers that result in sharp or dull pain behind the eyes or a pounding sensation within the whole head or one part of the head. Several factors can cause headaches, including high or low blood sugar, stress, fatigue, dehydration, or tightness in the neck muscles. Our office treats headaches that are more cervicogenic in nature, meaning they are caused by muscle and joint tightness in the neck. When we treat patients suffering from painful headaches, we use a combination of treatments that work on the muscles and joints. Most often, we use acupuncture or dry needling to treat muscle tightness in the neck and upper back region, which is highly effective in releasing knots or trigger points. We also adjust the joints in the neck, which helps relieve tension and restores mobility. With the combination of these two treatments, we ensure that our patients feel better with less headache intensity. Once we establish that our patients are pain-free, we set up a plan to minimize the chance of headaches returning. We’ll see if there is anything the patient does on a daily basis that acts as a trigger (perhaps the patient is working at a computer all day, with bad posture). After determining the probable cause, we make suggestions in an effort to help the patient avoid these triggers. The patient could change to a standing desk, change their office chair’s settings, or be more conscious about the position they’re in while they’re sitting. These are all the little things we address to ensure our patients don’t have to go back to suffering from headaches. If you’re suffering from recurrent headaches, call our offices to see if our treatments are right for you.

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3 Ways Contact With Nature Improves Your Health A WALK IN THE WOODS IS THE PRESCRIPTION

Our ancestors were deeply connected to their natural environment, mostly because their survival depended on it. With no Whole Foods available, those who could best track a mammoth, find water, and forage for edible plants kept themselves alive and passed on their genes. Given our history as hunter-gatherers, it’s no wonder contact with nature provides us with several health benefits. AMEMORY BOOST In a University of Michigan study, a group of students were asked to take a memory test that involved repeating numbers back to researchers. Next, researchers separated the students into two groups. Group A took a walk around an arboretum and Group B walked along busy city streets. Afterward, they were asked to take the memory test again. Group A, the students who had walked in the arboretum, performed 20 percent better on the memory test. Group B didn’t show any marked improvement. Additional research has corroborated the memory-enhancing effects of nature. AMOOD BOOST Observing the benefits nature has for cognitive function, scientists wondered what effects it might have on individuals diagnosed with depression. In one study from the University of Essex, participants with major depressive disorder reported an improvement in self-esteem and mood after spending time in nature. Exercising while in nature resulted in even more of a mood boost for participants.

A CALMING EFFECT Research also shows that spending time in nature reduces stress. In a study conducted by Chiba University in Japan, participants spent two nights in the forest. Researchers evaluated their levels of stress hormones during and after this period and compared it to their normal work days in the city. Across the board, participants’ stress levels were much lower during the days spent in the forest and for several days afterward. Today, we’re less connected to our natural environment than our ancestors were. Modern comforts and technology mean we don’t have to go outside to get our food. But nature is still accessible and you don’t have to go far to find it. In many of the studies, even minor exposure to the outdoors, like adding plants to your home or looking out a window during work, showed health benefits. This winter, find ways to bring a little more nature into your life each day. Your brain will thank you.


Inspired by Simple Vegan Blog

Hazelnut Berry Chocolate Bark Ingredients

1/4 cup dried cherries

7 ounces dark chocolate


1/4 cup roasted hazelnuts

Candy thermometer

1/4 cup dried cranberries


1. Chop chocolate and place into a mixing bowl. 2. In a double boiler, melt chocolate. Stir frequently and remove from heat as needed to prevent burning. Keep chocolate under 115 F. 3. Once melted, pour chocolate into a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Spread evenly. 4. Add hazelnuts and dried fruits. Let sit at room temperature until set. 5. Break into shards and serve.

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3 Ways Nature Improves Your Health

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Events Near You

Run wines on this hour-long outdoor tour, and take home a souvenir wine glass once it’s over. Be sure to call ahead to purchase your tickets — sales end five minutes before the tour starts. GHOSTS OF GEORGETOWNWALKING TOUR Where: The Old Stone House—Washington When: Every Saturday, 7:00 p.m. Admission: $20 Website: Not keen on celebrating a traditional Valentine’s this year? Take your date on an eerie tour! Enjoy walking through some of D.C.’s oldest and finest Victorian neighborhoods and their spectral haunts. Explore dark secrets and listen to chilling tales of a long-forgotten past. You’ll be surprised by how many uncanny incidents have occurred in this seemingly innocent and beautiful colonial village. NORTHERN VIRGINIA CEILI: ‘IRISH COUNTRY DANCING’ Where: Green Acres Center When: Recurring on the second Saturday, 6:30–9:30 pm. Admission: $0–$25 Website: With Saint Patrick’s Day right around the corner, it’s never too early to get into the spirit of things. Attendees will enjoy free Irish soda bread, coffee, and tea as they watch the festivities and mingle with other people who are eager to celebrate. Learn traditional dances from instructor Marilyn Moore, and become enthralled with the music of Shepherd’s Pie.

Historical Tours and Irish Dancing LOCAL EVENTS JUST FOR YOU! February is a time for exciting and unique events! Whether you’re looking to enjoy Valentine’s Day, time with family, or simply spend a weekend by yourself engrossed in history, these events will keep you entertained. HISTORICAL TOUR & TASTING Where: The Winery at Bull Run When: Every Monday, Tuesday andWednesday, 2:30–3:30 p.m. Admission: $26.50–$36.50 Website: Come experience a stunning tour of the grand, historic Civil War estate at the winery while sipping on a glass of some of Virginia’s best wine. You will be astounded by the history the grounds have to offer. Enjoy sampling seven Bull

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