Rio Brochure 2019 | EN

The standard that makes Rio a winner

A mid-compact, early flowerer that always wins the hearts of growers, the standard Rio is designed to start sales earlier. Offering easy production, good branching and shorter stems, Rio works perfectly in 10.5 cm up to 14 cm pots.

Compact plant, good branching for easy production Early flowering to kick-start early sales Ideal for 10.5 cm up to 14 cm pots The grower’s choice Shorter stems Good tolerance of low light conditions

BURGUNDY The darkest red

APPLEBLOSSOM A refreshing color

DARK RED Easy to grow

HOT PINK A vibrant color

PINK Market leader in this color

DEEP RED Our best seller

RED Large flowers

WHITE Flexible variety from 10 cm to 32 Litres pot


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