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Improving Your Function:  We may not get the arms of Arnold Schwarzenegger or the legs of Usain Bolt.  Conversely, thanks to your exercise routine, it is likely you will notice that going up those2 - 4 flights of stairs to your office is easier.  You will be better able to sit upright for longer at your work desk or even lift heavier loads on that farm or construction site.  Before your muscles grow and show definition, they start undergoing unseen changes to be more in sync with your nervous system, and setting up their muscle memory mechanism to adapt to and manage every day or repeated activities. Prehab, Rehab… - Exercise Physiology is constantly proving that stronger, more conditioned and more supple muscles obtained from exercising, are much less likely to be torn or strained and will give joints additional support.  Injury prevention is everything for an athlete.  Exercise is the bulk and mainstay

of physiotherapy.  Without it we could not rehabilitate patients or restore their premorbid level of physical function.  Many neuro patients would be stuck in a wheel chair or not being able to use their hands or feet ever again.  Athletes would be walking in and out of the operating theatre like home if it were not for prehab. Truthful Cliché: ‘Exercise can be fun’ – Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the 21st Do not be bored by the traditional weight-lifting or marathon- running.  Exercise has evolved in various forms that can be more enjoyable and just as effective for e.g., dancing, yoga, karate, swimming, hiking, or playing your favorite sport. Forget the Fountain of Youth – Have you ever heard the term ‘bag that sag’?  Well maybe not, but exercise has anti-aging properties.  Recapping from previous points, exercise gives you more energy and boosts your metabolism. 

Hence, muscle and skin cells are replenished, repaired or replaced at a faster rate. You will look and feel younger.  Exercise along with a healthy diet can help to buffer the damaging effects of unstable free radicals on the body’s cells, which have been associated with aging and common diseases.  Exercise slows or halts the decline in muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, bone density and mental acuity linked to aging.  Live longer!!! With this information provided, whether new or old to you, you should be able to complete the phrased title of this article with a good reason for you exercising.  Overall this will be better for your health and livelihood and help you to stay committed to your exercise program this year.  Make a change in your life!  Rise for exercise!  Contact:  The Physiotherapy Center at 943-8700 0r 936-8700 for advice as it relates to making and executing your exercise plans and goals.



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