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Whether it’s a sudden, shooting pain down your leg or a persistent ache in your lower back, sciatica can seriously impact your daily life. Whilemedications, injections and even surgery sometimes help people with sciatic nerve pain, physical therapy is the most effective and least invasive way to eradicate the problem.

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Health & Fitness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body


“Work Towards A Productive, Pain Free Lifestyle!” EFFECTIVE WAYS TO BEAT SCIATICA & BACK PAIN

Physical therapy is invaluable for easing sciatic pain. Its effectiveness stems from the multi-faceted approach your therapistwill take inorder to reduce thepressureon thenerve. Improving your strength and the flexibility in your hip area can do much to decrease the pressure on your sciatic nerve, which in turn will relieve the pain you feel. The muscle and ligament structure of your hips tend to tighten if you spend too much time sitting.That causes your spine to take on the strain, often leading to sciatic nerve impingement. To combat this undue pressure, physical therapists work to increasehipmobilitybyhelpingyoustretchyourhipabductors and flexors. This opens up the pathway, which your sciatic nerve runs, so that the nerve is freed from compression. In addition, strengthening hip abductors muscles, as well as building mobility, will enable the muscles and ligaments in your hips to be better aligned. Improved strength in your hip area, allows the effort used in everyday movement to be more evenly distributed, and therefore less apt to result in nerve irritation. Call us today to speak with your physical therapist, or come on in for a free consultation.

PATIENT SUCCESS SPOTLIGHTS He got so much better! “I really recommend Back to Action Physical Therapy. The staff was amazing and very helpful. My son came in with bad back pain and within a couple of weeks, he got so much better. I would also like to thank Steve. He was very helpful and explained in detail what they were going to do for my son.” - Maria B.

Look inside to learn more about our programs to say goodbye to aches and pains and return to a pain-free, active lifestyle! You will be well taken care of! “The work conditioning I received was great. I have been out of work for four months due to a back injury. The workouts were great in getting me back to where I was before I got injured. The facility was very clean and the machines were not broken. The employees are very nice and knowledgeable. I would recommend my fellow co-workers and family members to this facility.” - R.M.


Astudypublished inSpine, the respectedmedical journal, found that, when started early enough, physical therapy is a very effective treatment for sciatica, and one which is more budget-friendly for the average person. The study found that over a one-year period, people who had taken 10 sessions of physical therapy had better results for their sciatic pain than those who were only given guidelines for treatment. The study’s authors attributed the cost-effectiveness of the physical therapy approach in part to using it as a first line of defense against sciatic pain and back pain. For the many patients for whom physical therapy as the primary treatment was sufficient, there wasn’t a need for expensive tests, such as MRIs, or further invasive procedures. If you’re concerned about shooting pains down one leg, buttockachingor lowerbackpainandnumbness --orany combinationofsharpanddullachinganywherealong the sciatic nerve -- contact us right away for a consultation. We’ll work with your doctor to address the specific problems contributing to the ongoing impingement of your sciatic nerve, while also striving to reduce your pain as quickly as possible.

Physical Therapists Are The Mechanics Of Your Body!

Relieve Back Pain In 60 Seconds Try this movement if you are experiencing pain.

Improves Posture

PRONE BACK EXTENSION While lying face down, slowly raise your chest upwards and off the ground. Then lower slowly back to the ground. Repeat 10 times.

Minor aches and pains are warning signals from your body to let you know something is not working properly. Don’t put off the pain until it’s too late. Come in today for a “Tune-Up.”


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PRACTICE NEWS: Keeping Our Community InMind!

Brownsville. Back To Action Physical Therapy, Brownsville, received lots of donations from friends and family during our Back To School-School Supplies Donation Drive. Tip of Texas Family Outreach (TOTFO) representative, Elizabeth, came by our clinic to pick up the school supplies. TOTFO’s mission is to provide support to children who need it the most and we are very happy to be able to contribute to this worthy cause. The start of a new school year is right around the bend and knowing we were able to pitch in and make a difference is priceless. Eagle Pass. As summer is approaching to an end we would like to take this time to thank allofourstudentvolunteerswehadover the last fewmonths.Thesestudentsarecurrently completing their undergraduatestudies at different universities and hope to oneday get in physical therapyschool.Theyhavebeenofgreatassistanceduring thisverybusysummer and hope they learned a lot during their time here. April, Armando, Yvette, and Victor we wish you the best of luck in this upcoming semester and all of your future endeavors. Wewouldalso like tocongratulateourPatientCareCoordinator,Nohemi,oncelebratingher second work anniversary with us. She does an amazing job at the front desk and always greets our patients with a smile. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. We are so lucky to have you! Student athletes, don’t forget about your UIL athletic physicals for the next school year. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your paperwork in. Check with our local providers about setting up an appointment soon. Enjoy the rest of your summer! Harlingen. Wehope thateveryonehasbeenenjoying theirsummer. Ifyouarehavingsome achesandpains,nowwouldbeagreat time tostopby forascreeningorseeyourphysician for a referral to come and see us for treatment. In the meantime, enjoy the remaining time left before the children go back to school. Back To Action donated $200 to the San Benito cheerleading squad to help fund some of their events. We wish them all well. We also volunteered at Loaves and Fishes of the Rio Grande Valley. Loaves and Fishes of the RGV is dedicated to helping those in need. While volunteering, BTA helped clean and pack to-go Frito Pie meals to be taken to Raymondville to be distributed! We have a student, Haleen, with us for a few weeks to observe all that we do in physical therapy.She isplanningonapplying forphysical therapyschool in thenear future.Wehope that she is enjoying her time with us and getting some valuable experience and insight. DelRio. EachyearBack toAction inDelRiosponsorsaclassofstudentpilots fromLaughlin AirForceBase through theMAA (MilitaryAffairsAssociation).Thisyearwehad thepleasure of getting to spend time with class 18-12. This month they graduated from pilot training! Congratulations to you all! We are proud of you and thank you for your service! This month we celebrated several staff birthdays including Jessica, Carmen, and our new patient care coordinator, Adriana! Happy Birthday ladies! Care Coordinator Carmen retired thismonth.Wewillmissherverymuchandwishher thebestof luck inhernewphaseof life! In addition to Adriana, we welcomed Erica, PT technician to the BTA team!

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