Coping with Injury

Changes At Home

When you go home from the hospital, everyone in the family will have to adjust. Home is where you and your loved ones had established a fairly predictable routine. Many, if not all, components of that routine must now be re-evaluated in order to compensate for your injuries. Comparing the new life with the old presents a vivid contrast. Climbing stairs or taking a shower at home takes on a different significance than it did in the hospital. You may become angry when you find that you can’t scrub the floor, take food out of the oven, or have the energy to complete household tasks. Adjusting work schedules, budgets,

After a crash, you may need to make adjustments to your life’s routines.

and restructuring the house are big

undertakings. Frustrations, pressures, and

tensions will mount. You must now rely on

others in the family to perform many of the tasks you once were able to do. While they know it has to be this way, they can become exhausted and resent it. Obviously, it’s not your fault, but you wish you could ease


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